What to do: Your skincare rules for exercise!

One of the most common issues I have with my clients is their confusion with exercise and skincare. The statement that makes me cringe the most when I get done with a facial is “I’m going to go workout after this”. It feels wrong to tell someone no because I truly encourage everyone to live their healthiest life. There are a few reasons why exercise and skincare often don’t get along. Our initial instincts with it are sort of off. This isn’t anyone’s fault, there is just no clear information out there. Here are a few ways to avoid some skincare sins while implementing exercise in your daily routine.

Number 1- Do not exercise with makeup on. Just do not do it. You are going to be releasing a lot of sweat which should have no barrier.

  • If you wake up and go to the gym immediately, then don’t do anything until after your workout. We usually detox at night so your skin is still in that mood of releasing.
  • If you work out midday but will need to go to the office after, plan on cleansing before and after and stir clear of any makeup that isn’t just eye and lip. You’ll be glowing anyways! Make sure to add in some toner and a light moisture.
  • If you exercise at night, remove the makeup fully and add a spritz of toner so you don’t get too dehydrated. Do your full routine (including a gentle cleanse) after your workout. That way you’ll be ready for bed as soon as you get home.

Number 2- Wait 3 days after your facial to get your next high intensity workout in. This includes spin class, outdoor hiking and hot yoga (I’ll get on the topic of hot classes in a second). What you want to do is allow your skin to fully recuperate from the intensive workout it just went through. If you absolutely must workout after a facial, wait at least one whole day and do very low intensity. This includes walking, stretching, calm yoga and basic pilates.

Number 3- Adding heat to the skin after many forms of exfoliation will create the possibility of an inflammatory flare up. This includes: a new breakout, hyperpigmentation and vascular flaring. Most people don’t realize that saunas, steams, excess sun and intense heat classes are the main culprit for their inflammatory condition. You have to be very aware of this especially if you are on some form of hormone therapy (birth control especially) and antibiotics. These medications are highly photosensitizing which will increase your likelihood of shifting your skin’s ability to handle heat. Avoid it altogether or immediately cool your skin after exposure.

Number 4- I realize I may sound like I am anti-exercise but that’s not true. I’m pro-planning. If you plan ahead you can avoid many of these issues. Some ways to help you plan more efficiently would be:

Number 5- Realize that your body needs rest and self care. When you are getting a facial it is the ultimate workout for your skin. Let it rest and heal so it can glow!

Hope this helps provide some insight as to how to manage your exercise and skincare. Your self care is key to success in this life so a little planning can go a long way.