My Deal Breakers

We all have deal breakers in life, love and work. They are the things we just absolutely do not put up with and will not tolerate no matter what. As a skin coach my deal breakers went from non-existent to a concrete list of no-no’s. It seems odd that a service provider like myself should have any boundaries as I am in the business of providing care to anyone who needs/wants it. The truth is if I were to be agreeable to everyone no one would progress. No one would see change and I wouldn’t be doing my job. So let me let you in on my skincare dealbreakers:

1- If you show up having picked your skin I will most likely just want to send you home. Have I actually done that? No. Why? Because I have some damage control to do. We all know not to pick but sometimes that urge just takes over. The result= spread infection, broken capillaries, ruptured skin and something that looks a heck of alot worse than before. I am not just a professional “pimple popper” as I have been called before, I am a trained skin care expert that can not only identify the root of the issue based off of the type of blemish that you have but I can also expertly extract the blemishes when I spend time prepping it to release successfully. There are some cases where you should not extract no matter how much you beg me too. I will listen to your skin and respond accordingly. If you pick at the skin you are creating the possibility of scarring, hyperpigmentation and more infections to come. You are also blocking my ability to find the root of the issue which is going to feel like a never ending messy skin cycle then. Do yourself a favor and don’t pick. If you can’t leave it alone, cool the area with a wrapped up ice cube to take down the heat and pain. You can also use a q-tip to spot treat the area. There are so many great spot treatments out there that will heal your blemishes practically overnight. My favorites for hormonal breakouts are Osmia’s spot treatment, infected breakouts Indie Lee’s blemish stick and for the overall treatment Kypris’s clearing serum.

2- Someone who wants immediate results. I have no tolerance for someone who isn’t willing to put in the work. Your skin is an organ that needs just as much time and care as any other organ does. There simply is no overnight success here. We have all been frustrated and felt alone in these times. I am here for support so let me guide you with a proper timeline. I can only estimate as well as there are many factors that will deter skin success. As mentioned in other posts, you certainly want to give yourself time to recover. Don’t expect to be able to put makeup on or work out vigorously after a treatment. Allow yourself some time to heal and rest. Slow and steady wins the race in skin care as well.

3- Being negative will only make your skin WORSE. Having a positive view of yourself and your skin is the only way you can have a turn around. This is where I become part therapist to many of you. Usually we have something that is stalling us from actualizing our goals. That something more often than not is fear. Don’t let yourself fall into the trap that you will have problematic skin forever. You won’t if you don’t want to. It’s like everything else, if you want to lose weight it can’t happen by sitting on the couch. You have to find what works best for you and usually seek professional help. My practice is customized to you and your needs so show up with an open heart and that vulnerability will create magic.

There has to be a level of trust developed between client and service provider. This can be hard to do for many different reasons but if you don’t trust your provider you will never see results. Find someone you trust, if it’s not me that’s okay. I have helped many people over the last decade and trust in myself to know we can make a difference. I want you to not hurt yourself, give yourself realistic and attainable goals and lastly love yourself. My deal breakers are for the benefit of you as well. I hope we can align ourselves and create the healthiest skin possible for you. So I leave you with this, what are your deal breakers? Think about what you are no longer willing to tolerate with your skin and then set that FREE. You don’t have to suffer, you can get the results you want. Loving yourself enough to ask for help will only bring you one step closer to leading you to the skin (and life!) you absolutely deserve!