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2018; the year of finally loving the skin you're in

I honestly can’t believe we are in our last week of 2017. I know that when 2017 started I was sitting high with expectations but was also riddled with anxiety with what was to come. The shifts that have occurred were not always what I expected. Some have been what I have feared, but others have truly changed me for the better. Now I feel grounded in what I anticipate may be the first ever year I finally feel comfortable in my skin. It’s easy to look like you have it all together but when certain things finally do click in your life it can shift your entire perspective. I try my very best to educate all of my clients that when they finally surrender to let this shift happen they actually start to love the reflection in the mirror. So today I want to talk about why 2018 is the year of finally loving the skin you’re in…

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Hayley's Holiday Guide

With the holidays coming up it can be quite challenging to come up with gifts for everyone in your life. From family to friends to colleagues and everyone else in between the creative juices of gift giving stop flowing after a while. The desire to be creative, practical and heartfelt sometimes makes it seem like no gift will be good enough. Though my blogs are usually a little more on the educational side, I felt like my guide to gift giving could potentially spark some inspiration. Now that black friday, cyber monday and all the other overwhelming sales are winding down you may be getting a little worried if all of your shopping isn’t done. Here is my guide to Holiday gift giving:

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Holiday Skin Saviors

There are two very distinct feelings we get when the holidays roll around. The first is absolute merriment as we get to take some time off and enjoy the company of our loved ones. The second is pure dread over the temptations of holiday treats, drinks and late parties. I’ll be the first to tell you that I usually fall into this pattern: work non-stop, eat all the sugar and drink all the eggnog, then crash and get sick. This sickness usually pours into the new year so any health related resolutions immediately fall out the window as I’m just trying to go a day without coughing or sneezing. Most people I know fall into this as well which in turn can create a large amount of skin issues that we normally don’t struggle with. How can we break this cycle so we can actually enjoy the holidays? Here is my top 5 list of holiday skin saviors:

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