Hayley's Holiday Guide

With the holidays coming up it can be quite challenging to come up with gifts for everyone in your life. From family to friends to colleagues and everyone else in between the creative juices of gift giving stop flowing after a while. The desire to be creative, practical and heartfelt sometimes makes it seem like no gift will be good enough. Though my blogs are usually a little more on the educational side, I felt like my guide to gift giving could potentially spark some inspiration. Now that black friday, cyber monday and all the other overwhelming sales are winding down you may be getting a little worried if all of your shopping isn’t done. Here is my guide to Holiday gift giving:

1 - Shop Local - The convenience of Amazon is fantastic for last minute gifts but I try to shop local when I plan ahead my gifts. I discovered Etsy back in 2007 and have shopped for almost all holidays, birthdays and other celebrations through their vendors since. An example of my favorite small businesses that I find to make great gifts are @PurpLgoat, an LA based skincare company founded by fellow holistic esti, Tai Eiland. Supporting Tai while knowing how she hand makes and packages all her products with some love and healing care makes me honored to gift her goodies to my friends and family. If you don’t know many local shops, you can visit your local farmers markets and flea markets such as @MelroseTradingPost and @Artistsandfleas to get an acquainted with your local vendors and entrepreneurs.

2 - The gifts that keep on giving - I would categorize this in two ways. First; a gift that gives back. There are many companies that for every purchase they donate to a person in need. From conscious coconut to toms to Kahina giving beauty to warby parker, a fair trade company that gives back to someone in need so you can give a great gift and know your gift is going beyond your intended recipient. Secondly; a subscription box! Several years ago, one of my friends got a people magazine subscription as a gift from a few of her friends as a birthday gift. She loved the magazine and this way it felt like a gift from her pals each month. I love the idea of signing up someone for a monthly subscription box such as beauty heroes, barkbox, fit fab fun and Urthbox. Subscriptions can be as short as 3 months to a year at an affordable rate so you it’s a great way to keep the gifts coming.

3 - Give an experience - Some people may think of gift cards as impersonal however a personalized gift to a service may be exactly what someone is truly needing. Whether it be a facial, massage, acupuncture or a nail appointment, it can be a great way to remind someone of their self care. Some of my favorite places are The Now, Olive and June and most spas will let you use their amenities for as little as $25. Serene Book is also a great program that is $150 a month for 3 health/self care related services with no contract. 

4 - Donate! - This is a great idea for the person who has everything or a person in your life that needs perspective. Make a donation in their name to an organization that is important to them. Find out what ways you can give back on their behalf and other ways you can volunteer. Many of us take the holidays as an opportunity to be grateful for what we have but some of us are not so lucky to live in abundance. Shifting your attention to those in need may not only help in ways you don’t realize but it really reminds us all of what the holidays are really about. I also find this to be a great opportunity to get together with your friends or family and do something other than gossip, complain or dwell in your own little bubble. Your relationships can really grow in a way you didn’t think possible if you give it a chance.

I hope this inspires you a little bit if you are needing a little help in regards to what to give who this year. Always remember that this is suppose to be a fun and loving time so there is no need to worry or stress. What matters at the end of the day is the thought behind your gifts. Happy shopping everyone and have a beautiful week!

Xo - Hayley