Holiday Skin Saviors

There are two very distinct feelings we get when the holidays roll around. The first is absolute merriment as we get to take some time off and enjoy the company of our loved ones. The second is pure dread over the temptations of holiday treats, drinks and late parties. I’ll be the first to tell you that I usually fall into this pattern: work non-stop, eat all the sugar and drink all the eggnog, then crash and get sick. This sickness usually pours into the new year so any health related resolutions immediately fall out the window as I’m just trying to go a day without coughing or sneezing. Most people I know fall into this as well which in turn can create a large amount of skin issues that we normally don’t struggle with. How can we break this cycle so we can actually enjoy the holidays? Here is my top 5 list of holiday skin saviors:


1- Avoid too much heat on the skin. As our temperatures drop the temptation to use scolding hot waters in our showers and over the sink washes rises. Also the use of heaters can create irritation and dryness on our skin. When it comes to your daily washing try keep your temperature as normal as possible. Over stressing your skin with too hot of temperatures will only create more irritation. Remember to use a body oil while your skin is still damp after showering. Once the oil dries a little bit then add a lotion to seal in the moisture. Keep this same mentality if you are sleeping with a heater on. Keep your skin hydrated and protected from the dry air. A filter for all your water outlets is also recommended so your water won’t feel so harsh on your skin.

2- Don’t forget to exfoliate! Switch to a gentle exfoliator and up the frequency. My go-to is Tammy Fender's epi peel as you can use as a mask or gommage. You will feel immediately radiant with this product and any dry patches will be gently slaugh off. If you are extremely sensitive Odacite jojoba bead exfoliant is even more gentle and can be used daily.

3- If you are drinking more alcohol try to support your liver daily. My favorite supplement for this the Liver Rescue is by Health Force. Continue to up your electrolytes as well. You will have energy and don’t feel as sluggish. Your skin will also not have to purge out all the sugar and gluten so you will continue to glow!

4- Be the one to bring the healthy option to your holiday gatherings! An organic, sulfite free wine or organic veggie plate with homemade hummus have always been my saviors when having to attend multiple gatherings stuffed with sugary treats. Everyone will thank you for being mindful of their health.

5- Be kind to yourself. The holidays are about sharing love and taking some time out for family. If you’re beating yourself up because of you are off track with your diet then know that you can always pick yourself back on track. Enjoy yourself and moderate accordingly. You deserve a great end of the year so just have fun!

BONUS- Many people are so exhausted this time of year that the simple task of cleansing our skin at night is often missed. Keep a pack of makeup wipes with you and clean off the day as soon as you get home. It’s not the ideal but it’s better than nothing. My favorite lazy routine is a Juicy Bamboo cleansing wipe followed by May Lindstrom's The Jasmine Garden for some nourishment.

Hope this helps you stay on your best skin track during the holidays. Remember to enjoy yourself and be safe! Happy Holidays everyone!