Holiday Reminders

We tend to forget what the holidays are really about. Right before the festivities a lot of us actually end up getting sick or even sad/depressed because we are not taking the time for ourselves like we do the rest of the year. Here are some reminders on how to shift your perspective and enjoy the holidays healthy and happily. 

1 - Make small moments count. Don’t rush your morning routine, you deserve that extra bit of time to yourself to set yourself up for the day. The momentum of needing to finalize projects, rush to last minute gift shop and attend everyone’s holiday gathering can lead to lowered immunity. Make the small moments count! Put 5 minutes on the timer of your phone and take those 5 minutes to yourself 4x a day. It doesn’t seem like much or it may seem like way too much but it’s important to remember to ground yourself so you can make it to your vacation without getting sick. 

2 - Just because the sugar and booze are overflowing doesn’t mean you have to overindulge. It’s a well known fact that sugar is hard for your liver to breakdown and so without the right support the overindulgence can really lower your immunity and get you sick before the holidays even start. If you’re nervous about being judged for not participating in the festivities, know that I just attended a holiday party and managed to avoid gluten, corn or dairy intake. I simply shifted the conversation about how I’m monitoring my nutrition in a positive way and I’m certain I inspired others to not overdo. It’s all about balance!

3 - When buying gifts try to think about how you feel when you receive gifts. Gift giving should never be an anxiety filled activity. It is about giving someone special a token of your love and appreciation for them. There have been times when my parents have gifted me socks as a stocking stuffer and felt embarrassed about the simplicity of the gift. It turns out that every time they did this I needed a few extra pairs on my visits home. Thoughtfulness doesn’t have to be expensive or extreme. It can be convenient and practical. 

So when you’re feeling overwhelmed just remember that feeling you had when you were a kid enjoying the holidays. Everything seemed to work out and the tradition of it all was so fun. Your parents may have spent all night preparing for you to have a seamless morning but they did it because of the happiness it brought you. Your smile and joy was worth it to them. Remember that it’s not about how much you spend, how much work you get done or how much you socialize, it’s about gratitude and togetherness

I’m always here if you need a little reminder of that but take it easy the rest of the month. We all deserve a peaceful end to 2016 and I look forward to sharing 2017 with all of you! 

xo - Hayley