Common Skin Misconceptions!

There are several misconceptions that we are taught to think about our skin throughout our lives. I have spent the last 10 years of my life having to re-teach my clientele about these misconceptions as I was one of the millions of young women who fell prey to them. I grew up genuinely believing that I wasn’t good enough because I didn’t match the unrealistic standards of society on women. My skin wasn’t clear therefore I wasn’t good enough. Sounds so shallow and self hating to think that I would compare my worth to a health imbalance but it was very real to me at the time. I still work on shedding off what the many articles I read in Cosmo, Glamour and any other mainstream magazines that created the impossible guide to being perfect. So today let me help break down the common skin misconceptions that we are still encountering today so hopefully your self worth will be uplifted and not challenged anymore.

So let’s start with that very big misconception of “perfection”. Perfection is defined as the condition, state or quality of being free from all flaws or defects. To be a human without flaws or defects is not possible and in my opinion something we should never strive for. *SIDE NOTE: I try to avoid words such as; should, never and always because they are not indicative of the tone I want to give across so I only use them to make sure my point is taken seriously.* Our skin is a live organ that will wear and tear, it’s very important to acknowledge that. Case in point, I grew up with a major birthmark on my neck that looked like a hickey. Having a cherry angioma birthmark brought on the wrong attention and I had since had it removed. The truth is, I miss it. I look at pictures of myself when I was a baby and realized it was such a distinctive part of me and having it be gone because it was considered an “imperfection” makes me sad. This is obviously not a proper comparison to what acne, rosacea or melanoma may feel to someone but the point is, no one is perfect. Even at birth! Love who you are and appreciate who you are. You are unique and that is admirable whether you think it or not. 

Another skin misconception that is a constant occurrence within the last 10 years is that once it clears up it’s forever fixed. There is no such thing as perfect skin. There is no such thing as pore less. Pores are essential to skin health, if we didn’t have them we would have far more issues than just a few blackheads and clogs. Let's think about it in terms of working out. If you finally get your body to the healthy place you want it to be at, would you then give up? NO! You would work harder, more consistently and feel more motivated to continue the healthy lifestyle you created for yourself. There is no end in terms of skin health. My routines are imperative to how I feel about myself which in turn creates a glowing complexion. Hard work + Positive attitude= Results!

Lastly, the anti-aging misconception. I literally have to bite my tongue whenever someone uses the term "Anti-aging". It is a privilege to age and grow old. There is a fine line between reckless with your health and the natural process of aging. There are so many factors that go into how we age, be it our genetics, our environment or our health. We get a short time on this earth so the last thing we should do is fixate on the things we don’t love about ourselves. Allow yourself to age like the fine wine you are and enjoy getting better with all the experiences you have the privilege to have. Most people who aren’t that lucky.

So to wrap it up, all common skin misconceptions come from a place of unattainable perfection. My goal is to educate each individual with what is realistic for their skin as well as help them see how magnificent their reflection is. We are all so different, unique and can never be replicated. That is a true gift! Let your skin be the guide you need to improve yourself from within and not the factor that creates self hatred. You are enough just the way you are, I promise.