Why I work from home

This weekend I attended a fantastic workshop at Wanderlust Hollywood hosted by the lovely Lauren Singer from Trash is for Tossers. One of my personal resolutions this year was to decrease my waste and continue to educate myself on how to help protect our mother earth. Having the opportunity to meet Lauren and learn some of her go-to recipes for zero waste home care products reminded me of why I decided to leave the spa world: IT’S INCREDIBLY WASTEFUL! Here are some of the main reasons why working from home is a small way to make a big impact:

WATER- I wouldn’t be surprised if most spas went out of business simply because of their water bill. It can be outrageous how water is wasted. Case in point: pre-poured cucumber water would be thrown out if not used, the amount of linens used for small tasks was completely wasted on loads of laundry and the running water fountains used to create an “ambiance”. Sure it’s all beautiful but when you see this behind the scenes it all just feels like a frivolous use of a precious resource. My dedication to lower my water use is reflective in my water bill. Being mindful of this has helped me find small ways to lessen my use throughout the facial process.

PRODUCT- It’s no secret that I use natural products but did you know that most of the products I use are completely recyclable? The majority of my skincare comes in glass which is easy to upcycle or recycle. Most small companies will actually take back their old products and recycle themselves. The amount of energy used to make natural products is also significantly smaller than conventional products. Smaller batches means less waste overtime.

MOTTO- I’m sure you have all heard me say “Don’t waste it” to products that you are currently using but are looking to switch over. The truth is that I encourage everyone to use up what they have prior to purchasing something else. This is the opposite mentality of a spa esthetician since we are required to make sales in order to keep our jobs. I had a job in which I would only get booked based on how much I sold. This felt painful to my soul as most of the time a customer didn’t need what I was pushed to have them purchased. The goal isn’t to force product, the goal is to get your skin as healthy as possible. My “Don’t waste it” attitude helps your pocket book too. Switch skincare when you are ready and your skin will adapt best to one product at a time.

There are so many other reasons why working from my home has lessened my carbon footprint but the most important factor is that I’m finally the decision maker. Creating a safe space for you to come over for a personalized session on your skin, health and life is my goal. I am so happy to know that so many people have trusted me with their skincare journey. I want you to know that I don’t take that lightly and hope to continue to provide only the best therapeutic skin coaching in a low waste environment.

EXTRA: Here is one of the recipes I learned for making toothpaste this weekend!