How to layer your skincare

In the business of beauty there are many types of consumers. Are you the type of consumer who will buy a skincare product because you love the scent, texture or the promise of what it can do for you whether you have need it or not? I know many people who simply love products! The problem is at the end of the day they may have too many options and don’t know how to implement it properly into their routine. Just because you have a ton of products doesn’t mean your skin needs or wants it. 

What I want to talk about today is not only how to come up with a functioning routine but also how to be able to layer the products you want for maximum results. Layering skincare can be the key to success or the demise of your healthy skin. Here is your how to guide to customizing your regimen and how to layer.

#1- Think to yourself “what do I want to achieve right now?” during your AM and PM regimens. Having that presence with yourself will help you pick the right product for that moment. Here are some examples:

  • Feeling a little dull? Use an invigorating cleanser, mist with a balancing toner, and layer an enriching serum with tons of antioxidants, seal off with a light SPF and moisture. 
  • Feeling a little dry? Switch up to a cream cleanser, hydrating tonerand choose an omega rich oil to nourish your dehydrated skin. 

The list goes on and on with the variety of options you can choose but developing an awareness as to why you are choosing what you put on your skin is so empowering.

#2- Want to add many serums on your skin? The rule is usually thinest to thickest in terms of proper absorption however it’s also important to layer according to what is most potent. The morning routine should include more antioxidants such as vitamin c because it will brighten your complexion while protecting you from environmental factors. You may think that applying this on last will mean it can protect you the most but that is a common misconception. The most potent ingredients need to be added to your skin first so they can absorb the benefits and everything else you layer on will help seal in all the goodness. My favorite day serums would be Kahina’s brightening serum, Kypris Antioxidant Dew or Odacite’s An Autumn on the World

#3- My best kept beauty secret is to treat my skin like a mosaic. Not each area of our skin is created equal. Each area has a different eco-system which requires different nutrition. This may be an additional step but overall your skin’s state will always feels balanced. This mind set also helps you become a problem solver and can help prevent any unnecessary sensitizing to your skin. 

I hope this helps you become more confident when choosing your products for your daily routine. Go ahead and mix it up! Your skin will appreciate the different vitamins and nutrients, just start listening to your skin and create an intention with every routine. Your skin will reflect your good health habits in no time.