"You are you and that is your power"

Over the last year I have developed a wonderful new sense of self. At 28 I finally can feel how I am propelling towards to my destiny. I have never really had a clear vision of my future and this has always scared and excited me at the same time. Since the moment I came up with “therapeutic skin coach” I realized I have a real responsibility in helping people see the best in themselves. Having any issues with our skin can put us in a very emotionally vulnerable place which can lead to an intense decrease in our confidence. That lack of confidence has a trickle down effect to every aspect of our life. Whether you become less social or start to feel as if you have lost your voice. It can often feel like people are only looking at your skin and not listening to you. You are an important being to this world and your skin’s current state of health should not be the focal point of you. I feel like my mission in life is to make anyone who has been told they are not pretty enough, smart enough, deserving enough or just frankly good enough, realize they ARE enough. You are you and that is your power. Let me help you own it!

A few years ago I was training at a new job in which I had to bring friends and family members in so I could practice new procedures. You would think that this would be a great opportunity for most but it was unfortunately not what my volunteers and I had hoped. Thinking about a particular example of a young woman whom I had met at a previous job is the prime example of confidence bashing. Like any other skin treatment it is immediately vulnerable to have someone examine you to see what they can “fix” let alone the intense scrutiny of a team of professionals looking to make an example out of you. Here is what a lesson in tact was missing, this young woman who is in her early 30s (but looks very mid 20s) was told her skin looked like she was “in her 50s” due to some hormonally based melasma by my superior. Having recently spoken with this volunteer of mine, I realized that those words still weigh heavy on her heart. Does my former superior realize that her words have genuinely left an emotional scar on this young woman? Probably not. Would they care? Maybe, but probably not.

The point is, watch your words. Watch your words towards others but also watch your words towards yourself. I’m a firm believer in the four agreements which are simple life rules to follow. In this particular case the “Be impeccable with your words” resonates so strongly. This “tear people down” attitude is not something I am down with. I spent so many years comparing myself to others and deflecting compliments because I was in too big of a pit of self pity to accept kindness. Even when my 11 year long battle with acne started to come to a close I was unable to accept compliment with how my skin looked. I literally have put in so much work and effort into getting my skin to it’s healthiest state and yet I felt like I couldn’t own it as a personal success. I would always say something like “Oh you’re catching me on a good day” or “You should see me under a magnifying lamp”. Why was I self deprecating and turning down kindness? I have worked really hard to get where I am in my health including my (dare I say) INCREDIBLE skin and I should be proud of myself.

So be proud of yourself. Anyone that has the courage to ask for help and has enough self love to dedicate the time for themselves deserves to be told how amazing they are. I want you all to know that whether you are ready to accept it yet or not I will help you realize how you are worth everything. You are you and that is your power. Remember that and live that mantra. As 2015 comes to a close try to start integrating the resolution that you will be kind to yourself and this power of thought will start to shift your self perception. Happy New Years everyone! Sending love and light xo