Roots: Why where you are from matters to your skin

If you know me you know that I moved around a lot as a kid. Both my parents worked in different cities and about every 2-3 years we would pick up and move according to their work. The biggest move was from New Brunswick, Canada to Wisconsin, USA when I was 10 years old. Shortly after the big, across the border move I started experiencing advanced puberty symptoms that I later became to understand was triggered due to stress and trauma from the environmental change.

At 10 I was a shy kid who was social enough to get along with just about anyone so it wasn’t super obvious that I was dealing with a type of stress. I didn’t recognize it either and to be perfectly honest I was happy. I loved the adventures and didn’t understand the irregularity of my circumstance. As an adult I have also moved several times to different cities and what each place has in common is the transitional stage that makes my health temporarily suffer therefore my skin suffers.

Now I’m clearly not the only person that has even moved or has relocated to different weather extremes so I’m not the only person that deals where their health suffers. So what do we do? How do we cope? Here is a guide to help you understand the transition into different regions without the health meltdown. 

Know your roots

Where you are from makes the biggest difference in terms how your skin handles your environment. If you are from a cold climate, your skin understands seasons and how to hibernate accordingly. Same with someone who is from a warm climate, you are able to regulate your heat much better however you may not be able to tolerate the cold and your skin could potentially suffer.

What do you do?

  • Adjust your temperatures accordingly. Water temperatures during your baths, showers and at the sink face washing. 
  • Eat according to your body temperature needs. If you are prone to retaining lots of heat on your skin, then eat/drink cooling foods/beverages. And vice versa.
  • Simplify your routine and allow your skin to develop the ability to adjust to your new surroundings. Active ingredients may react differently so keep it simplified with calming skincare. 

So now that you have adjusted your temperatures and simplified your skincare, you may also want to consider educating yourself on your environment. Look up weather patterns in your new environment as well as any pollution trackers. A proper water filtration system is also really important to invest in. Water pollution is just as detrimental to our skin as environmental pollution. 

When you look into your genetic makeup you are most likely going to acclimate to the same environment as your ancestors. Because we are such a melting pot we may have a lot of different types of heritage. I am partially Irish, French and a touch of Native American. The way some of my family members tolerate heat and sun is completely different that me which is a testament to how we are all quite unique regardless of similar DNA. Start educating yourself on your patterns and make adjustments to your new environment. 

Now that you know what may be the cause of some of your skincare dilemmas, don't let it stop you from exploring. Being mindful of what may cause a skin trigger is empowering and understanding your history is really insightful. We live in a big melting pot of different races so we are bound to feel confused. The truth is knowledge is power so I encourage you to catalogue your journey and discover your own unique patterns and characteristics. You will feel much better equipped to navigate even the peskiest of skincare concerns.