What to expect from me in 2017

2017 feels like it took forever to get here didn’t it? Up until the last day of the year it was draining but here we are now, first few days of 2017 and it already feels filled with hope. I wanted to take the time to write down my intentions and realized how much it meant to me to share those with you. Here are my Therapeutic Skin Coach intentions for 2017:

1 - You won’t find me making lists comparing skincare brands. I sincerely don’t believe that one brand is the best and other brands are worst. If you think about how much work goes into creating a brand, from the sourcing to the packaging to selling to retailers, no brand deserves to be ranked on opinion alone. I intuitively pick certain products to use in my treatments but this changes all the time. I will continue to strive to find the best brands for you but I won’t discriminate in the meantime. 

2 - I’ll put in as much work as you. There are definitely different types of clients that I have. Some are really dedicated to making a difference with their skin and others seem to just expect it to happen. If I give you homework and you don’t follow through, I will grade you accordingly. Following my instructions have felt like just a suggestion to some people and when they come back with a different result than I promised, I will not be held accountable. Put in the work and I’ll show you results. When you don’t, it’s like expecting to not gain weight while eating poorly and never working out. A once a month workout won’t do. So stop picking your skin, avoiding post care instructions and calling me crying. I won't have it. 

3 - I’m going to get to the deeper issues with you. If you speak really poorly about yourself, part of you might not be ready for change. But if you reached out to me, you are actively taking a step in the right direction so I’m here to help you keep going. Come in with an open heart and willingness to get vulnerable. Skin issues are more than just a physical aspect of our lives, it runs deep into our emotional headspace. I’m here to support you throughout all of this only if you are willing to take direction and get vulnerable with yourself. 

So my goals for you are to not compare yourself, put in the work and trust your journey. Skin is a complicated organ that I can help you with but unless I’m with you everyday, holding your hand through your daily life, I won’t be able to make the changes you want. Commit and we will make the difference. 

For years, I have relied on my metabolism, good genetics and my youth to feel and look a certain way. The only thing I didn’t slack on was my skincare and my skin is the reflection of years of work. My body is catching up because I’m finally applying the same methods to other areas of my health. I’m working out everyday, meditating and eating the best I ever have. It’s not just a phase or cleanse anymore, it’s a lifestyle change. I’m committing myself so I can be the example you need to make the changes you want with not only your skin, but your overall health. I hope to see you thrive this year!