An ode to my dark circles...

When I wake up in the morning I don't often get to go and meditate, set an intention, and journal for 20 minutes. I would love to continue the facade that my industry has created and have you think that I'm as well-balanced as some other bloggers seem, but I'm not. Most mornings I'm up by 6:15/6:30, I throw my hair up into a messy bun, grab my glasses and start my list of to-dos. Lately, this has included training my new puppy, Josie. Josie is a dream come true for my husband and I but this little babe has definitely thrown a wrench into my little Virgo controlling lifestyle. My sleep is all off, I'm having to run out the door to potty train, I'm trying to clean up all her toys, all just in time to me to take on my first client of the day. I couldn't be more grateful for her but it's been rough. When I finally do get a chance to catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror I notice the subtle changes that this new life has brought. My face is a little less radiant than usual and my eyes are puffy, dark and extra tired. But the truth is I like my dark circles. There, I said it! I am a skin therapist and I am admitting to liking something about myself that isn't perfect.

The truth is that if you have worked with me you might know by now that I'm not a quick fix type of healer. In my opinion, if your skin is communicating something to you the response that you give it doesn't have to be immediate disdain. It's hard to think outside of that for many reasons including how we are marketed to by everyone from skincare brands to celebrities who just so happen to be "flawless".

I had a conversation with a client recently who was fed up with how it's considered brave for a celebrity to post a make-up free selfie. I was happy that my client was able to share this with me since it reminded me of my perception of this is very skewed. First, celebrities have to look a certain way because of the standards that the industry has forced upon them. It's not right but they have the means in order to cosmetically correct a lot, have the right nutritional support, and are able to train with the right fitness team. That comes with the territory for them and yet, when they wash their face at night you better believe that they see the same dark circles that you do. Secondly, I do live in my own little bubble where I see so many different types of skin conditions and can filter through the BS of a "flawless" celebrity. What I love that my client brought up is how frustrating that what is normal shouldn't necessarily be considered brave. What is brave is that if we're okay with owning our authentic selves regardless if it's easier to self-hate or compare ourselves to others. I'm not brave for being makeup free every day. I'm just living my life and honoring myself in the best ways I know how. 

embracing that new puppy mommy life with all the wrinkles and dark circles that come with it. 

embracing that new puppy mommy life with all the wrinkles and dark circles that come with it. 

Dark circles represent a multitude of different things for my personal health. It's a reminder that I need to work on my sleep and avoid excess screen time. Both of which I can shamelessly say I'm doing my best with. The dark circles also represent how my body is working really hard to filter out excess toxins in my environment. I've been going out so much more for the puppy's multiple daily walks and with the LA air quality, it can leave you feeling a bit depleted. My dark circles also remind me to work on making sure that my adrenals don't deplete themselves like I've let them in the past. Everything is a reminder that my body is working for me during all of my transitions, stressors, and daily setbacks. I wouldn't trade in my life for anything and if it comes with a few skin imbalances, I won't shame myself for it. 

I've worked on a lot of people in my life and the ones who look in the mirror and choose to see who they really are, those people are my daily inspirations. There are too many of us who work too hard to balance everything in our lives to feel bad about ourselves. We are all just genuinely doing our best. So next time you feel embarrassed about your skin I want you to remember that it's okay to have a breakout and go to the grocery store. It's okay to not wear makeup if you don't feel like it. It's okay to have dark circles and feel tired. All of this is okay because it means you're living! Becoming unapologetic about who I am and where I am physically is something that takes constant practice because there is still some major reprogramming that needs to happen in our society. We have to start within ourselves in order to make that shift happen. I hope this helps you realize that so that next time you see your dark circles, you look at the whole picture which includes all of you and your beautiful story. 

Thanks for reading and until next time, take care. xo - Hayley