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Chronically tired skin

I’ve not shied away from sharing my health history with all of you on this platform so it’s no surprise that at some point I would write about adrenal fatigue. I first discovered this epidemic when I met a functional medicine doctor at The Detox Market when I worked there. She offered to evaluate my health patterns so we started with a cortisol test. I genuinely never thought about how being chronically tired wasn’t something that everyone dealt with in their life. I just assumed that all of us need a nap at 12, and 3, and 5, and then can’t stay out past 10 pm. When she called me to go over my results of this test, I was shocked at how uneducated I was towards this vital part of our health.

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An ode to my dark circles...

When I wake up in the morning I don't often get to go and meditate, set an intention, and journal for 20 minutes. I would love to continue the facade that my industry has created and have you think that I'm as well-balanced as some other bloggers seem, but I'm not. Most mornings I'm up by 6:15/6:30, I throw my hair up into a messy bun, grab my glasses and start my list of to-dos. Lately, this has included training my new puppy, Josie. Josie is a dream come true for my husband and I but this little babe has definitely thrown a wrench into my little Virgo controlling lifestyle. My sleep is all off, I'm having to run out the door to potty train, I'm trying to clean up all her toys, all just in time to me to take on my first client of the day. I couldn't be more grateful for her but it's been rough. When I finally do get a chance to catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror I notice the subtle changes that this new life has brought. My face is a little less radiant than usual and my eyes are puffy, dark and extra tired. But the truth is I like my dark circles. There, I said it! I am a skin therapist and I am admitting to liking something about myself that isn't perfect.

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