It takes a village

Building a community for yourself is important for any stage of your life. If you think about your work, you usually need a full team to get everything done. If the team is built right for the task and everyone shares the same passion for the common goal, the results are usually productive and wonderful. If your team isn’t structured according to the same goals it can be disastrous.  The same concept falls into friendships, families and the community you built to help keep you well and healthy. Your wellness community is everything and shouldn’t be ignored. Let's face it, the phrase "it takes a village" doesn't just stop when we're babied. Here are some key points to evaluate when building your team.

1 - Investing in them is an investment in you.

I know it’s easier said than done but quality isn’t cheap, so when you invest in your service provider you are in turn investing in yourself. Because let’s face it, you’re worth it. I was recently asked to view money as energy and so the spending of it is simply an exchange. The energy you spend on yourself will always be worth it whether it is in a facial, massage or visit to a naturopath. Until most of our services are covered under insurance it can be worth looking into a service plan like Serene Book which is a monthly fee that allows you to see 3 holistic service providers a month. Once you find your team, you can commit to their practice and develop a health plan from there. 

2 - Ask for referrals.

I have moved to many different cities throughout my 20s and it is always such a daunting task to find your new circle of wellness providers all over again. Asking local shops who they suggest can go a long way. If anyone shops at the Detox Market in West Hollywood, I have become their go-to facialist because I use the same products that they sell in the store. From me, I can expand on the list of people that may work well with you according to your need or I can help you start to narrow down where to look. If you aren’t comfortable with the immediate recommendations of a store, it can be as simple as asking someone with a hair cut you like who they see. You never know how complimentary that is to the person you’ve stopped as well.

3 - Try people out.

This is incredibly important when it comes to your self care, especially counsellors or therapists. Exploring different methods of care is important as one counsellor can change your life and another can just turn you off to the idea of getting help. In my earlier 20s, I went to a counsellor to start coping with some trauma and I would go to her about once a week until she went on maternity leave. She was sweet but I sort of viewed the process as a chore. While she was gone, I didn’t feel much of a difference other than the fact that I just used her to dump all of my built up emotion on. I was later faced with another issue to tackle and was paired with another counsellor who changed my whole perspective. She gave me homework and helped me get to the root of the issue. Her practice was making a way greater impact on me than I realized and I started thriving again. Don’t be afraid to change for fear that you may hurt someone’s feelings. When I worked in a spa full of estheticians, it was interesting to see how certain clients paired off with certain skin therapists. When you know you just know so don’t be afraid to ask for the specifics of their practice and check out your options.  

My wellness circle has consisted of acupuncturists, massage therapists, skincare gurus, trainers of different types (pilates, yoga etc.), holistic dentists, breath work teachers, counselors etc. and at the end of the day I don’t know how I could be who I am without them. It takes a village because we are all so unique and there is no way to get through this life without help. 

So that being said, starting this month my Skin Food Talk partner Tara and I are going to have our Self Love Offerings available on Sundays in February and March. Book a facial with me and Tara will be available during or after your treatment (this is based on your preference and time) for an initial consultation. Her consultations will last about 30 minutes for $75 ($175 value) to help you dive into your nutritional health goals. I have only begun to scratch the surface of your health potential and Tara can open up a whole new perspective on how to achieve a healthy glow! 

We are so excited for this partnership and you can email for information on how to book.