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"You are you and that is your power"

Over the last year I have developed a wonderful new sense of self. At 28 I finally can feel how I am propelling towards to my destiny. I have never really had a clear vision of my future and this has always scared and excited me at the same time. Since the moment I came up with “therapeutic skin coach” I realized I have a real responsibility in helping people see the best in themselves. Having any issues with our skin can put us in a very emotionally vulnerable place which can lead to an intense decrease in our confidence. That lack of confidence has a trickle down effect to every aspect of our life. Whether you become less social or start to feel as if you have lost your voice. It can often feel like people are only looking at your skin and not listening to you. You are an important being to this world and your skin’s current state of health should not be the focal point of you. I feel like my mission in life is to make anyone who has been told they are not pretty enough, smart enough, deserving enough or just frankly good enough, realize they ARE enough. You are you and that is your power. Let me help you own it! 

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