My journey into 2016

My journey to 2016 has been nothing short of amazing. I found myself roadtripping across the states so I can get to Texas on time for the holidays. It was really important for me to experience my vacation, which seems fair right? My partner James and I decided to really live in each moment of each day. Here is my journey into 2016:

We left around 4 am on the 23rd with the goal of making it to the Grand Canyon by early afternoon. We made it with ease and as a newbie to the site I was blown away.

After this we settled into the beautiful city of Sante Fe, New Mexico for some family chat, a light evening snow fall and a cozy bed to recuperate from the long drive. We would be making it to Dallas the next day. 

We knew that some bad weather was upon us however we didn’t anticipate the devastation of multiple tornadoes. What inspires me to write is not how we barely missed the impact of the tornado or how a simple miscommunication on what restaurant to go to actually helped save us from impact, what inspires me is the sense of immediate community from such a devastating event. Texans have a great sense of pride when it comes to their communities and will do anything to help their families. Seeing this first hand really helped me stay calm and realize how much we have to be thankful for.

We then ventured off to Austin to explore our former city. Austin has always been my self care city. I had the self love habits I encourage everyone to have and maintained a very grounded lifestyle. I took full advantage of my resources here and as a result refilled my cup and once again became inspired for life again.

After ringing in the new year we had a few more stops to go before making it back to California. South West Texas for Alpine and Marfa:




And the White Sands National Monument in New Mexico.

After a brief stop in Phoenix for a hot shower and some sleep, we woke up the next morning for a brunch with family and headed for Cali. Coming back to Los Angeles with a fresh perspective and a rejuvenated body I am ready to take on all of the adventures 2016 is going to bring. We were also fortunate to aquire many vintage vinyl records from my dad so we know 2016 will be a wonderfully musical year. 

So in conclussion I hope you leaped into 2016 with love and light. You are a gift and I hope this year will be your most memorable yet.