How to select your skincare

There are many skin related issues that are absolutely preventable. The number one being using skincare products that are not appropriate for you. With so many different brands, fads and miseducation out there how on earth are you supposed to determine what’s best for you? Here’s why I come in. Therapeutic skin coaching is all about figuring out the root of the issue while providing a supportive and educative atmosphere so you can become your own skin expert. Here are some ways to help you prevent the preventable.

Understanding your skin is number 1. If you think you are acneic with only one blemish then we need to seriously discuss your perception of yourself. We are all born with skin types; oily, dry, sensitive and combination (a little oily in the middle and dry on the edges). These skin types change slightly with age but the additional factors that cause our skin care woes are called skin conditions. These conditions can be brought upon by environmental factors, stress and/or diet. The perfect example would be hyperpigmentation which is the darkening of the skin. We can get different types of hyperpigmentation due to absolutely anything, a blemish that didn’t heal well, too much heat/sun, or even our birth control! Identify your skin type first. This is a great base to know which will help you figue out what may be causing your conditions.

Number 2 would be knowing when to switch it up. Let’s be real you haven’t eaten the same thing everyday for 20 years so why would your skin care be the same. It is really important to remember our skin is a live organ that requires different nutrition all the time. When we are younger we can bounce back from not taken care of ourselves. We could drink everything, eat everything and fall asleep without washing our faces. Just like your tolerance for bad foods and other things go down so will your skin’s ability to fight back without. Have your esthetician recommend some options based on what your current skin state is seeking. Think antioxidants for day and renewal for night with nourishment all around.

Lastly, start fine tuning your bull shit radar so you can spot the authentic products that will actually deliver on it’s promise. My personal philosophy is if I can’t say it the product probably shouldn’t have it in there. (However it is perfectly normal for the italian pronunciation to be listed with essential oils.) What I’m really saying are the chemicals who go on for way too many syllables. A good route would be to stick to the organic, naturally based products that are created in small batches with ingredients that are sourced fair trade. Local is also a plus since you can support your community. More and more you will start to see storefronts and websites providing you with all of the green beauty information you’ll ever need. One that I can vouch for is The Detox Market in LA. The staff hand picks every item in the store after extensively trying them out. The work is done for you and they are happy to sample you anything that you would like to try. The goal is to help you navigate the masses without committing until you’re ready.

Always feel excited about your skin care too. If it feels like a chore or you don’t love the smell, whatever is drawing you away from it, take that as a sign. Your skin care experience should be equally as therapeutic as it is physically beneficial. This is when greatest skin health will be achieve simply by following your own advice.