Giving thanks and sharing lessons...

Over the last year I have certainly gained a whole lot to be thankful for. Each individual that has reached out to me for help has also taught me something in their own individual way. There is one lesson in particular that I am extremely thankful for. Since this is the season of thanks I wanted to share that lesson with all of you…

Your thoughts become things. Wow. It seems so simple and possibly weird to some of you, but it is absolutely true. Believe it or not, you all know this. We have all had that morning when we wake up and choose how our day is going to go. I’m guilty of waking up crabby and letting it affect me throughout the entire day. When you realize you are the creator of your world, magical things will happen.

I’ve had great success in changing people’s skin and how they view their own beauty. Sometimes I am not as successful because I know that the individuals who are not getting the change they are seeking are also the ones who speak negatively about themselves. When we say we have bad skin, we will have bad skin. It’s as simple as that.

I was trained to find the imperfections in our skin but the most important ability I developed in my years is to find beauty in everyone. We are all so incredibly unique and beautiful, I rarely have a case where the outcome isn’t going to be a more beautiful and bright version of yourself.

There is a level of trust that people have to develop with me pretty immediately in order to know that things will be okay and that when I compliment them, I mean it. The saying that comes to my mind when someone immediately dismisses me is “what you resist, persists”.

I promise I have changed my own skin, and thousands of others (yes thousands, I’ve done the math) by providing a positive and honest approach to skin care. If you can’t trust me than your resistance will cause your issues to persist.

Everyone who tells me they are scared, hesitant or dismissive of my care will start to see that the things they are thinking they are avoiding will get worse or stay the same. You have to tell yourself you are beautiful and that your skin is beautiful in order to truly make the changes you want.

At the end of the day aren’t we so grateful to have such a wonderful organ that is ever changing and always communicating with us? I know I am.

So I leave you with my final request to be kind to yourself. Love your skin and trust that you are in fact as beautiful as you feel. Wake up every morning and wash your skin with love! Express your gratitude towards yourself with a self loving proclamation: “I am beautiful and worth it!”. Your skin will soak in all of the positive energy and respond accordingly.

Have a wonderful and safe holiday weekend and know that I am thankful for all of you!