Time Management and Self Care

Over the last few weeks I have had family visiting so I apologize for the delay in my newsletters. Time management is always a bit of a challenge for most, including myself. This can lead to frustrations and anxiety regardless of the seriousness of a task. Most of the time we feel like we are running out of time and don’t seem to have the mindfulness to achieve our daily goals. The glorification of busy is so overdone in our culture so what tends to happen is self care goes out the window. How can you feel productive without the anxiety of procrastination or being overwhelmed by too many tasks? It’s simple and here is my guide to managing the “busy” stress so you don’t let your self care go.

#1 - Make a list. Most people don’t use lists for many reasons whether they don’t follow them or feel like it’s a waste of time. The act of checking something off your list is rewarding and visually remove an item on your list creates a sense of accomplishment and drive to continue progressing towards your goals. Even if your list includes items such as “meditate” or “do a face mask”, it will give you the gratification you deserve while accomplishing your self care. 

#2 - Wake up early and go to bed early. Many people think working long hours mean more productivity but the truth is we are not robots. To set yourself up for success it’s important to set yourself up with feasible work hours. Early risers find more time to work out, make breakfast and set themselves up with a fantastic start to the day. Take your time and allow yourself to rest once you have worked a few hours. A great tool I use daily is POMODORO to manage my time. It’s an app that has 25 minute time cycles so I work through 25 uninterrupted minutes and then take a 5 minute breather in between cycles. You would be surprised how tasks don’t take as long as you think once you give yourself some uninterrupted time frames. 

#3 - Lastly, remember to be kind to yourself. If you don’t accomplish your task due to unexpected delays and obstacles it is okay. The world keeps moving regardless so you might as well roll with it. Giving yourself the love and time you need to relax and enjoy the day is just as important as any unfinished task. Just know that staying calm will help you more than getting upset with yourself. Shift all your energy into a positive force and you will be amazed at how much you will accomplish and how great you will feel.

So that's that. Make a list, give yourself an early morning to set yourself up right and be kind to yourself. It's very simple but these little shifts will help you organize and stay on top of your health. If you ever are too overwhelmed you can always reach out for support. I'm here for all of you to make things easier so stay calm, happy and optimistic. Everything always works out whether it falls into your anticipated time frame or not. Sometimes the more you let go of controlling your environment the easier it for allow great opportunities to open up.