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Planet Friendly Skin Habits

There are a lot of promises out there from the skincare industry that disconnect us from what may be the most important thing to remember. Our skin reflects the health of our environment. Whether it’s from the stress of our work, the pollution in our air, or the constant relocation we have to do. Each aspect of our atmosphere will show up in our skin and the changes are often not in our control. So what can we do? Our planet’s health is in big trouble and that health scare not only makes the future of our planet feel uncertain, but also the immediate impact it has on our health. Since April is Earth Month, I wanted to share a few tips on how a little shift to your skincare products can make a big impact overtime. Especially as a collective! Unfortunately in the skincare industry, single use products are completely accepted as the norm. Everywhere from spas to retail stores to how we promote usage for home care. Why not rethink of ways that you can lessen the impact on our precious Earth? Here are some ideas and links to repurpose, recycle and reuse with zero waste:

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Expanding your full health consciousness

I really thought that by the time I was going to be writing this post today that I would have some great personal news to excitedly share. And yet another month goes by where I’m convinced that I’ve done everything possible to become pregnant and sure enough I discover that I’m not. This month felt so different though. I decided to make some major shifts in my self-care, gave up having a glass or two of wine, honored each phase of my cycle more consciously than before, eliminated excess herbs and replaced them with prenatal formulas. I felt pregnant, I looked up potential due dates, and started crafting my summer plans accordingly. This might feel a bit preemptive, but I felt that different that I took every little sign as seriously as I could. As you can imagine, it’s a bit heartbreaking to get reminded once again that your body’s signaling was off. Or maybe I was just so convinced that I was doing everything right that I created a fun narrative in my mind that when you follow a specific formula, you can get the expected end result. That’s when it hit me. I have spent my entire career educating clients that it’s not that simple, yet I still couldn’t really comprehend it for my own ability to conceive. The parallel inspired me to share my story so it can hopefully inspire you when it seems like you’ve done everything for your skin but the result is still not what you expected.

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