Planet Friendly Skin Habits


This is a quick blog post because I wanted to share a feature without bombarding you. Follow the links to discover more on the suggestions but comment below with questions!

There are a lot of promises out there from the skincare industry that disconnect us from what may be the most important thing to remember. Our skin reflects the health of our environment. Whether it’s from the stress of our work, the pollution in our air, or the constant relocation we have to do. Each aspect of our atmosphere will show up in our skin and the changes are often not in our control.

So what can we do? Our planet’s health is in big trouble and that health scare not only makes the future of our planet feel uncertain, but also the immediate impact it has on our health. Since April is Earth Month, I wanted to share a few tips on how a little shift to your skincare products can make a big impact overtime. Especially as a collective, so get your friends and family involved!

Unfortunately in the skincare industry, single use products are completely accepted as the norm. Everywhere from spas to retail stores to how we promote usage for home care. Why not rethink of ways that you can lessen the impact on our precious Earth? Here are some ideas and links to re-purpose, recycle and reuse with zero-waste:

  • If you use face pads to remove makeup or as a base for your toner, consider investing in these reusable bamboo pads. They are reusable and easy to maintain!

  • The use of sheet masks has become so popular but unfortunately these single use items can often become a little more wasteful than useful. This ebook has some ideas on how to create your own all natural masks. This will connect you with your ingredients and help you become more intuitive with how certain formulas work best for your skin.

  • Switching to bamboo washcloths can also help with your skin’s sensitivity as well as utilizing a resource that’s much less harmful to the environment.

  • If you’re anything like me, your bathroom needs to be spot-less in order to enjoy the ritual of skincare. I have gone through so many paper towels just trying to keep my counters clean but with each roll, I feel so guilty that I’m just wasting away a precious resource. I love the Un-paper towels that give the same efficient clean without the waste.

  • I got my husband these stasher bags as an alternative to ziploc bags over the holidays and I love how versatile they have been. These bags are also a great alternative for skincare traveling storage/multi-use bags. Plus, they come in such cute colors!

    As for the the boxes and packing paper that comes with the purchase of some of these purchases, you can up-cycle them as well. Recycle packaging when you're done, reuse boxes to hold your cards, presents, socks or stationery. Whatever you do, just don’t throw it in the trash, please! A great way to get started is with TerraCycle which is an organization that can help you properly recycle many types of beauty care products that were typically not recyclable. Learn more at the link!


We’re constantly looking for inspiration from companies that offer planet friendly solutions to skincare as well. Ren Skincare and Seed Phytonutrients that have a strong focus on sustainability. A great way to contribute to the health of your environment is to look for companies that offer refillable beauty, locally, or online. If there are some companies you enjoy please comment below. Since my audience is based in all parts of the world, I wanted to feature companies that were accessible and affordable.

Lastly, I just want to remind everyone that I will be having a sale on all TSC Skin Series courses from Friday, April 19th through Monday, April 22nd (EARTH DAY!). 10% of each sale will be donated to Greenpeace Fund for the entire month of April. Use code “earthlove” to get 25% off of any course other than the Facebook Messenger course as it is already heavily discounted.

Just remember that loving our planet isn’t just a month long thing, it’s a practice that we have to evolve throughout our lifetime. The more we contribute to it’s health, the more we will benefit in our health. Especially if we keep asking nature to help us heal from our ailments. It’s a give and take relationship so think about how your daily habits can start contributing to a solution and have a lasting impact.

Thanks again for reading and I hope you have an amazing weekend!

Love, the TSC Team!