My Gift to You...

I’m turning 29 on August 27th and with each year I become more and more aware that life is full of the unexpected. Many young people start their 20s off with a plan such as “I will have my career set by 25, be married by 27, have kids by 30, and everything will be perfect by the time I enter my 3rd decade”. No struggle, no worries and no unexpected surprises - right? WRONG, WRONG, WRONG! My first journal entry the week I turned 28 was that I had no expectation of what the year was to bring and that brought a great sense of calm to me. No expectation meant to me at the time no let down. I am so thankful that I acquired that mind set but here’s how it shifted. When I set my heart up to open for any experience what I didn’t know was that it could still bring let down. Now as I’m able to recognize here are some of the lessons I’ve learned over the last year and how it has dramatically changed my life for the better:

1 - With every down comes and up.

Like I mentioned previously, I learned that it’s okay to recognize the bad times as an opportunity to learn. The universe will not present you with an obstacle you can’t handle. There are hidden signs of lessons out there that until we see them, we will keep having to go through the same challenge. On a personal level this could mean you date the same type of person, therefore get the same results. But on a physical level, I learned that every time I got sick, hurt, or felt low it was an opportunity for change. A little reminder that I may have stopped putting my health and self care first. Every moment I broke out or my weight fluctuated I was recognizing this as a sign instead of a burden. Using your body as a tool to truly tune into what is going on will start turning your entire life around for the better. 

2 - If you are not kind to yourself you can’t expect the world to be.

I am truly an empathic person to a degree that has made it difficult for me to want to be around many people at times. Although setting boundaries is part of life and a lesson that I learn over and over again, it isn’t until I realized that kindness has to start from within yourself that I started to feel like I can function appropriately in social settings. There was a huge amount of time that I spent my life comparing myself to others to the point that when something good would happen to someone else, I would feel down on myself. Comparing, competing and complaining will get you nowhere in life. But how do you wish well for others when you may want what they have? The key is to start with loving yourself. Whether it is where I am at with my career, my relationship, my finances, my physical health etc. if I’m not kind to myself in the process, then I won't see progress. Each person has their own unique path full of struggles and accomplishments so if you start to compare yourself it can become an act of self hate. Love yourself first and then you will start to genuinely feel love for others. And that love will only attract light for your journey. So the next you time you tell yourself “Why does everyone else have perfect skin but me?”, shift that energy into loving yourself. Other people’s health and skin issues are way too out there for you to focus your energy on. Shift the energy towards loving and accepting where you are and you will realize it’s not worth your precious time to compare, compete or complain. 

3 - There is enough for everyone.

One major mantra that I have had to repeat to myself throughout this year is that “There is enough for everyone”. We can all succeed and grow into a life of abundance and love. If I spent my energy focused on why I wasn’t chosen as the “best” or “number 1” than I wouldn’t find happiness in my present. Just yesterday I made a small realization of growth while talking to one of my clients. I realized that a year ago I was working events with no real reputation or voice behind what I was representing, it often felt like I lacked authenticity to my beliefs. Then a few days ago I was asked to attend an event by a reputable skincare brand as they wanted to gift me with their incredible products and congratulate me on my success. What they didn’t know is that a year ago I would have been working the exact event they invited me too. When I was talking to my client, she had witnessed me at one of these events completely drained and being verbally abused by some of the event attendants. We both made the connection that it’s incredible to think of the growth I’ve had in such a short time. That growth came after I let go of wanting to be the best. I want to do MY best but I now know that there is room for all of us at the top. Helping each other along the way and sharing this secret of success with anyone I can has only helped me drive forward to a growth I never know I could acquire. Next time you feel like someone else must have all the success and there is no room for you at the top, think again. We can all make it if we help each other out. Start asking for help, reach out to those who inspire you, open yourself up for the possibility of failing as it will be an incredible education. 

So on that note, I leave you with this; I have made the decision to up my prices by November 1st however on the weekend of my birthday I want to give back to you. For all the support I have had along this past year I couldn’t have done it without you. All facials booked on August 27th and 28th with be discounted at 10% off. Help celebrate my new year by allowing me to spend it with you. After all, my days with my clients are my best days. I feel so inspired and loved by all of you that I wouldn’t want to celebrate my 29th any other way. Cheers and hope to see you soon! xo

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