Creating A Regimen

As soon as people find out what I do for a living, there are a few consistent reactions. “Don’t judge my skin!”  - some say with the mind set that I am always analyzing or WORSE,  judging someone by their skin. “What do you use?”  - as I have mentioned before, this changes all the time so it’s quite difficult to truly answer. Lastly, “What should I be doing?” and even more specifically “What is the ONE thing I should be doing?”. As many of you know by now, I can’t answer you and I really dislike giving general advice. In previous conversations, I have had people tell me that I “recommended” such and such product to them, when really I only gave a generic response. I can tell you with certainty that I do not create a routine for anyone on the spot or give advice without a full on health consultation. Let me break it down as to why this seemingly resistant approach is actually the most beneficial to you.

When creating a skincare regimen, there are many internal factors to consider. If you have recently changed a prescription, supplement, diet, sleep pattern, environment (whether it’s work or home), stress etc. I HAVE to know about it. Now, have you ever been to a doctor and realized half way through your appointment that you forgot to mention something pretty important in regards to your health? If you are the majority of the population, you absolutely have. It’s normal and totally okay! When it comes to skin, I have to treat individuals with the most updated information on their health. So what can you do when I’m not available to help you out? Here is a go to guide to determining what is best for your skin in the moment.

1 - Simplify; When in doubt - strip it down. This doesn’t mean avoid your skincare, this means don’t overanalyze or add anything new to complicate things. Your skin is capable of healing itself with the right internal support. Minimize all the extras and just let your body be. Keep the products natural and simple so you don't have to worry about complicating anything. What other scenarios in life are you taught to actually do less? Take my word on it, your skin will thank you and understand what it needs to do to get back to feeling fresh. 

2 - Journal everything; Some things are not evident because our minds are preoccupied with other daily tasks. If you journal your foods, feelings, and any other daily activities you will start to see any potential patterns come up. Watching these things unfold can be incredibly eye opening and empowering. Allow yourself to uncover what is truly going on. You would be surprised as to how simple the solution often is. 

3 - Release anxiety and fear; No one is perfect so relax and allow yourself to tune into what is really going on. No one, including your esthetician, expects you to know everything. We all need support which is why experts like myself have a job. I make it a point to release the anxiety that I don't know every aspect of health care. That's when I suggest you stay away from google. With so much contradicting information out there it is really easy to create your own fear and anxiety while just sitting behind a screen. Release the notion that everyone has it together but you. A common anxiety in my clientele is "Why does everyone else have clear skin and I don't?", and unfortunately it's just a facade. Everyone has some part of their health that they can work on. Just because yours may manifest on your skin doesn't mean you are an anomaly. You are just experiencing your process and your life will always be unique. That's the beauty of it.

So when you are feeling like you need to mix things up and haven't seen the results you are seeking, the most important thing to remember is we are always evolving and growing. Set yourself up with a healthy mind set that you will create a regimen for yourself based on love. You can't go wrong with pure intentions and an open heart.  

Hayley WoodComment