Intuitive Skincare.

This weekend I had 3 clients in a row tell me about their person experience with strong intuitive pulls. The first noticed some strong coincidences between her and a new person in her life. The second was very specific in the signs that she asked the universe for (and received them). And the third had a gut feeling about a previous skin therapist she worked with. Sometimes you just know things and there is no rhyme or reason behind it. That is your intuition tapping in to help guide you. That “I just know” feeling is not something that is taught but it can make the most impactful shifts when you listen in. When I first started my skincare practice I had to really tune into my intuition. Most spas that I had worked for had a set protocol and formula to what they wanted their services providers to follow so I felt silenced in a lot of what I truly wanted to convey to my clients. The good thing is that behind closed doors in the treatment room I would usually break the rules and talk about what I felt was truly going on. Whether it was my intuition telling me that my client needed a quiet facial to soothe their nervous system or that they needed to talk about what was really going on in their lives, I wouldn’t structure the facial around selling product or upgrading the treatment. I knew that when I was going to start to build my practice, I would have to create an environment in which I could build the treatment as it needed to unfold. Those intuitive pulls became so much more powerful once I dropped the tight structure of a spa’s idea of what works for the client. I use those same instincts to decide what to use on skin, whether it’s my own or yours. So how can you tap into that yourself? Here are my top 3 intuitive tips for the best custom skincare.

1 - Take a breath. It’s so easy to fall into a routine and before you know it you’ve been using the same skincare for years. Our skin requires different care based on so many different factors of our life. Tuning into your breath can help you ground down for a minute so you can actually check into what you are needing in that very moment. If you’re thinking about everything else going on in your day you can’t think about what your skin may be needing. Start with a five count breath (inhale for 5, exhale for 5) and continue to do so until all the extra voices in your mind quiet down. Once you feel grounded, that’s when you’re ready to hear what your body needs.

2 - Focus on the positive. I talk about this a lot but it’s really important to focus on what you like about your skin in order to get the best care. If you focus on an imbalance you inadvertently shift your thoughts on something that may stir you in the wrong direction of proper care. For example, if you have one blemish that you are fixated on you may start to think you are breaking out all over and go to the extreme with your skincare. I see so many people that overdo with their skin and end up making it worse. If you focus on balance and calming the skin, that breakout will not only go away faster but it will also not feel so big. Find what you love about your skin first to help shift your mind to reveal what may be really going on. A lot of the times people are confused as to why they are having an imbalance and treat aggressively out of fear or anger. Wrinkles can become more apparent due to dehydration because you may be lacking sleep or have eaten something a little off for your system. You may also be getting a breakout out of low immunity or even a reaction to something. Attacking those triggers will only amplify the inflammation. Tune in to see what’s really going on and focus on maintaining a calm balance to all the areas of your skin that are great.

3 - One of the key senses that work with your intuition is your sense of smell. Scent in skincare can be one of the most important parts of your routine. If you don’t love the way something smells that is a clear sign that you will not benefit from the product. Natural skincare uses essential oils and different plant essences that have therapeutic qualities that can benefit more than just the skin. They can uplift you when you’re in a bad mood, perk you up when you’re feeling low energy and also soothe you right to sleep when you’re in your unintentional third wind of the day. Take the time to take a few deep inhalations of your product to start getting the benefits of your skincare before you put anything on your face. Once you start tuning into this you will realize that your sense of smell is so powerful and never wrong. If you need to shift from a few different products on a daily basis that’s okay. You will always be evolving so just follow those instincts.

It’s so easy to just keep using the same products for a long period of time to make sure to check in with yourself. Every day you crave different foods because your system is calling out for different nutrients based on what you are out of balance with. Your skin communicates in the same way but it can just take a little longer to recognize the signs. Start following the 3 intuitive steps and ask for help when you feel blocked. An online consultation or in person facial with me can help reassure you of your progress or even help guide you in a better direction. We all need a little coaching sometimes to remind us that we have all the answers within. You are a powerful, intuitive being that has the power to live your healthiest and happiest life ever. We just lose our way sometimes but I’m always here to help you get back on track. 

xo - Hayley