Sometimes, I'm just off...

Sometimes, I'm just off and this weekend was a reminder of how incredibly uncomfortable that feels. The moon in Virgo and daylight savings reminded me of how even just a simple change to our environment can throw us off in our energy fields. Luckily the solution usually presents itself and we just have to be willing to listen. So instead of spinning with my head cut off I made a few choices to change and I wanted to share them with you for it might inspire you to do the same or just understand where I'm coming from. 

#1 - Sometimes working from home sucks. That sounds so dramatic because it's always been my dream and I'm really grateful but having to keep my place clean ALL. THE. TIME. is starting to wear on a girl. Especially since I'm recently married and my husband has a full time job. Getting a housekeeper and cutting back on services weekly (at least for now) is the only way I feel I can keep up so if there is a time you need an appointment just know that you only want to see me when I'm available, otherwise I will be exhausted and foggy. I am only good to you if I can be good to me first. 

#2 - I can't make anyone show up to do their self work. It's so hard to say that and it's been a reoccurring theme in many of my blogs for the last few years but it's true. I realized that instead of beating a dead horse, I have to set clearer guidelines and boundaries. As a relatively new business owner I have allowed myself to learn as I go and I've realized that I've been a little too lenient in some cases. The most important one being taking the blame for someone's breakouts if I haven't seen them in months. I'm implementing a new policy that if I haven't seen you in 3+ months we have to book you as a consultation instead of a signature facial. Reason being is that unless I recommend you come every 3 months (which is seldom that I do that) your skin has turned through enough cycles that I'm no longer able to dive in without a full health assessment again. You change enough within a season that your skin deserves my complete support. To gain the best support means starting from scratch. Consistency is key so try to come every 4-6 weeks for best results. So effective immediately if I haven't seen you for over 3 months, we need to start fresh. Trust me when I say your skin will appreciate it.

#3 - It's been really easy for me to have ideas on how I want to improve my business in ways that are fond to my heart but they are not as easy to execute. I have been wanting to implement a "give back" portion to my business for as long as I can remember but felt like I needed every cent that was given to me so there was no possible way I can afford it. To that I say screw it. So effective immediately any gratuity will be donated to Charity Water. I have sleepless nights over the state of our environment and as much as I want to make a change, it's been hard to know what else I can do other than live a mindful lifestyle where I reduce, reuse, recycle. All of you are incredibly generous and the gratuity you gift me always helps me out but it's extra for me. So instead of dwelling on why I can't sleep at night, I might as well make a monthly donation in honor of all of your giving spirits. 

So when you're feeling off, which we all do, just know that it's a matter of taking responsibility for yourself. I was fortunate enough to get to the root of what was bothering me and the rest seemed to resolve itself from there. 

Thank you for reading. Have a beautiful week! xo - Hayley