My skincare heroes!

Everyone asks me what I use in my skincare regimen and I feel like I can never give the answer they are looking for. I give an honest answer: “I use a lot and I do a lot”. People want a miracle product and an instant fix. It’s the world we live in and it’s what we are conditioned to expect. There is no such thing in my opinion. Slowing down the fast paced tempo of the outside world and truly connecting with yourself is the key to success. That being said I do have a love affair with a few products and I’m not often moved. Most skincare can be redundant and not transformative. Here is a short list of my recent WOW products, my skincare heroes if you will:

#1- As much as I love the entire line of this particular individual I am forever wow’ed by the ability of this particular mask. Josh Rosebrook’s cacao antioxidant mask will revive my skin in even the most hideous conditions. Whether I’m overworked, tired, sick or just lacking life in my skin this antioxidant packed goodie is my favorite instant fix. Detoxifying, brightening and rejuvenating in one. How is this possible? In one word cacao! Cacao has such a high content of flavonoids which will help keep your skin’s cell integrity in tact. The pink flush you get after removing the mask is equivalent to a powerful work out. Stimulated your blood flow will keep your toxins flowing so make sure to drink a ton of water and get lots of rest after this mask. The perfect night time treat!

#2- Two words: Vintner’s Daughter. Let’s be real, the price is the first thing we all notice but if you look at the ingredients you will see how it’s actually priced perfectly. Liquid gold for any skin type including the most inflammed of skin conditions. The 22 botanical blend has the ingredient list that would make any esthetician’s heart swell! Some key powerhouses are the frankincense, turmeric and rose absolute which are highly anti-inflammatory and soothing. The carrot seed oil and the rosehip seed oil are also rich in a complex vitamin profile which will recover any skin condition and withhold each cell’s health integrity. The dandelion and alfalfa will gently detoxify. The list goes on. It’s lightweight and buildable for morning and evening wear. If you are looking for an all encompassing serum, get your hands on this one. Just be sure to exfoliate frequently for maximum absorption.

#3- The Jasmine Garden- Everyone loves May Lindstrom’s beautifully packaged, simple yet effective skin care line. The entire line is sexy and transformative, yet it’s soft spoken hero product is the often overlooked product in any skincare regimen. The Mist. Water, silver, Jasmine extract and absolute, ylang ylang, vanilla, rose and cacao. This beautiful medley will dance on your skin in a truly therapeutic way. Silver is often overlooked in natural skincare but it is a true game changer. It’s ability to inhibit bacteria is so multi-functional! Spray all over at any point of the day for a mystical experience.

#4- Tammy Fender’s purifying gel. Magical and invigorating. The perfect way to wake up in my opinion. As purifying as the spearmint can be the combination of herbs including the alfalfa will condition and calm the skin as well. Often purifying cleansers are unable to condition the skin or they simply don’t cleanse well. The synergy of ingredients are able to achieve such feat. My oily complexion is so grateful for this blend, as I don’t want to overstrip yet I want to feel clean and revived. A true winner!

#5- This product isn’t even out yet however I got a taste of it right before the holidays and it’s already my new favorite. Laurel whole plant organics blemish treatment. Wow, and I mean WOW!  Black cumin seed oil, tamanu oil, lavender, thyme, blue chamomile and helichrysum. The beautiful greenish blue color is immediately mesmerizing but the blend, wow, it’s so powerful. I’m grateful to have the pleasure of experiencing the impact of it’s healing abilities after having some post sickness breakouts. I never break out anymore, which isn’t a coincidence. I work hard at it but as healthy as my body is it will lose it’s ability to filter out toxins every once and a while. Having it dump out on our skin is a normal and annoying part of life but it’s reality. This about to be released product is an absolute must have. I’m impressed, thankful and in love! Be on the look out for this one soon!

That all being said, the best way to know what is best for you is a full assessment and consult. As I’ve developed the intuitive ability to diagnose and heal skin conditions I recognize how impactful a custom regimen is from your nutrition, supplements and daily routine. If you are interested in booking a consult with me visit the services tab above for more information.