I’m beyond excited to present;

TSC Skin Stories | How To Break Up With Picking Your Skin.

The first TSC Skin Stories Ebook is all about breaking up with the pesky habit of picking at your skin because this is something that most of us have gone through, including me.

Once we really get to the root of why we are attacking our skin we can make the most valuable shift in our skin’s healing journey. Uncover the deeper reasons why you pick and learn the actionable steps to help you recover from this habit.

"How to break up with picking your skin" was my first choice of subject matter because it is something I have been teaching my clients to do for years and something I struggled with immensely throughout the last two decades.


I break down what is really happening with your skin when you are experiencing a breakout and then walk you through the three types of pickers out there.

From there there are actionable steps created for each type of picker to finally break up with this habit. No more skin sabotage! This ebook was created to help you eliminate the shame and better understand your desire or impulse to pick.

The comprehensive guide includes a 5-minute meditation and 31 pages written by yours truly, cover photo by Kristine Lo and graphic design by Julie Lennon

Ebook is 31 pages and includes a 5-minute meditation.

More TSC Skin Stories coming soon.