Therapeutic Skin Coach part 2

I have to start by expressing my gratitude to the people who shared their appreciation for my last post. I’ve always found writing to be a therapeutic release for me so often times I forget about the impact of my words when I share my posts every Tuesday afternoon. If by sharing my truth means that it uplifts you or someone you know, that is the most valuable reward for what I do. Clearing someone’s skin, or helping someone relax is great but making a simple connection where someone doesn’t feel alone creates a bigger purpose for me. And for that I am eternally grateful.

Now to follow up on my post last week, I have recently written on skincare and intuition but I wanted to take it a step further and provide some basic tools to help navigate the masses and tune in to yourself. Here are my tools to becoming your very own therapeutic skin coach:

#1 - Choose to be kind to yourself. We all can use a constant reminder of this. Many mornings I wake up looking a whole lot less glamorous than I want but the reality is that I am me. I WILL have morning breath, a crackly voice and pillow markings on my face. It’s who I am and I’m grateful for the experience of a new day! Often times if I am experiencing a breakout or am leaning a little on the heavier side (my weight fluctuates during the month due to my hormones — normal and OKAY!) and I choose to listen to Beyonce. This little decision infuriates my boyfriend and I’m sure my neighbors but it gets me to smile and shake what my momma gave me all before my morning cup of coffee. Create little rituals for yourself that help you choose the morning happy that will set the tone for the rest of the day. When I don’t do this, I feel a little smaller and my light starts dimming. As someone who has struggled with anxiety and deep depressions since childhood, it’s important for me to choose how I am going to direct my day. I encourage all of you to look at yourselves, smile and sing out loud “ I WOKE UP LIKE THIS! “. You’re exceptional the way you are and you don’t have to apologize for it.

Meditating in the mountains in OJAI, CA

Meditating in the mountains in OJAI, CA

#2 - Get out in nature! Nothing balances our energy and ability to self heal like getting back to our earth. Go on a hike, a short walk or simply sit outside. I was given the advice by my incredible acupuncturist, Russell Brown of Poke Acupuncture, that going outside in the morning is incredible for our nervous system. Breathe in the day by setting an intention to take care of yourself and get out of your head. Being in nature (city or the country…just go outside!) will help your heart open up to the vibrational energy of your surroundings. When your nervous system can calm itself naturally you won’t feel so addicted to the “screens” of your life. I am constantly on the phone and computer for work and play but nothing makes me feel more connected to myself and my intuition than when I’m feeling the sun and wind on my skin. It’s a type of cleansing response that my skin immediately appreciates and my soul resonates with. 

#3 - Start small. Making a life change in any capacity starts with taking the first step. If you wake up one morning and decide to take up a new exercise class or try a new diet, what will happen if you dive right in? There is a higher likelihood of straining or stressing the body. Many people get excited about green beauty or just skincare products in general that they are willing to dump their current investments and start with a whole new regimen. This isn’t exactly the way to go when it comes to our skin. Remember, we are dealing with a live organ so just like how your stomach may bloat with new foods and your muscles ache from a new workout, take your time. Introduce one product at a time and allow your skin to recognize the new ingredients. 

#4 - Ride the waves. If you don’t this by now but life is about ups and downs. The downs are beautiful reminders of how wonderful the ups are. Your life is never in a permanent state and neither is your skin. Everything can change in a matter of a day. Continue to express your gratitude for your current state, regardless of whether it feels good or not. You will continue to learn and grow regardless of the scenario. Recently, I had just moved and relocated my entire business and life so this meant a dwindled bank account, higher stress levels, less thoughtful nutritional choices and, you guessed it, breakouts! I let it irritate me for about one afternoon in total and then decided that my skin was simply telling me what I already know. I expressed gratitude for how my skin was simply asking me to better my health. Taking what seems like a frustrating scenario and turning it into a learning experience is a great tool to use in skincare and in life. Let go of the resistance and float on. 

So that’s it, those are the tools to being your own Therapeutic Skin Coach. Applying life skills and shifting it towards bettering yourself will reflect in your skin. I hope this resonates with you or you can share with someone who this may help.

Until next time...Shine bright xoxo your therapeutic skin coach, Hayley

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