What is Therapeutic Skin Coaching? PART 1

As most of you know, I’m much more than just your facialist. For most of you, I’m your friend, skin guru, product know it all, life supporter and for some I simply keep you in check. Many people ask me what sets me apart from other facialists and how have I been able to build a following in every city I’ve lived in. When I think about these questions it brings me to the beginning of Therapeutic Skin Coach. You may be thinking where did the name Therapeutic Skin Coach come from? And what does it mean? Let me break it down and give you an insight on how I let my intuition guide me to your better skin health and in my life. 

So it all started when I attended a seminar for estheticians (yes, they have those) because I was super unhappy with a job I was currently in and felt like I needed to find some answers. This course was all about building a business and regardless of the experience I had (this was about 3 years ago so I was 7 years into my career) I never really knew what made me stand out as an esthetician. With each job I did really well, whether it was my retention (how many people request you again), my retail (amount of money spent per person on items I recommend) or my treatment (don’t get it twisted…I had to follow protocols for so many years that each facial felt the same to me). But that’s where I realized I was wrong. Each facial wasn’t the same because I truly cared for each individual case differently. DING DING DING…that’s when I realized that my energy and care towards each person was what made me stand out. Not this isn’t to discredit other estheticians because I have met and worked with some that have been the absolute most incredible and talented beings. This is simply an individual quest I was searching to see what might make me special. 

I recently attended an incredible workshop at Wanderlust Hollywood by one of the loveliest ladies’ I know, Ashley Neese. This workshop was a breath work workshop on how to trust your intuition. Many of us don’t realize our power of thought and how our gut instincts are always there to support us. We are sort of occupy ourselves with what we think we are supposed to do or supposed to think. I personally fall prey to the glorification of busy so I don’t sit with my thoughts or as Ashley put it find time to “play”. An incredible exercise the group did was we said what we intuitively thought of each other, so basically a group of 10+ women looked at me without knowing me and told me what they genuinely felt by me. The result was not what I expected…it was so kind, loving and the most common theme was I was nurturing. I realized in that very moment that it is very important for me to accept this aspect of myself and deliver the goods. 

Wrapping back around to where therapeutic skin coach came from. Someone simply asked me one day about what I do and without hesitation I simply said : “ I am more of a therapeutic skin coach than just a facialist.” Tapping into an honest and intuitive response, I created my business name and now my facial practice. I have always loved teaching and educating while being a support for others all the while keeping people accountable which always reminded me of a really awesome coach. My facials are also therapeutic since I believe that touch and care are so connected to get you to your relaxed state, and let’s face it I’m part therapist. I’ve helped every age and gender that I can think of (youngest 10 - oldest 95, men/women/trans) get through some hard times by simply listening and reminding them how incredible they are in their own way. Lastly, you get where skin comes from but I really take it a step further by allowing your skin to be the guide to your health. When it comes to truly healing our skin we can really see what is happening internally if we learn to become intuitive with our skin. So many of my clients have discovered everything from gluten intolerances to poly cystic ovarian syndrome to skin cancer by trusting me with their skin. 

It’s been a crazy ride towards what has always felt like my destiny and the personification of that in my therapeutic skin coach title. 

Stay tuned next week for part 2 so you discover how to become your own Therapeutic Skin Coach. 

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