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Infusions for your skin

Reading the skin can be one of the most resourceful parts of my work but the hardest part isn’t actually acquiring the information but rather delivering it. I’ve slowly gotten more comfortable throughout the years with telling my clients that they are depleted. I know how I feel when someone tells me I’m less than full and it can be tricky information to receive. The panic starts to set in that you have to try to turn your whole life around in order to just get back to zero instead of chronically negative. We all don’t want to be operating less than what we optimally would need or want to but we also might not have the best time to refuel. That’s when herbal infusions come into the big picture of health-hacking. Today I want to discuss a few of my favorite infusion recipes for different skin conditions.

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When simplifying skincare is key

Believe it or not, but great skin often is the result of a simplified skincare routine. Over the weekend I was delighted that the most common theme amongst my clients was that everyone had the intuitive instinct to scale back and simplify their skincare. This allowed them to fully allow the skin to do what it does best, which is self-heal. One of the most common things that can happen when we start simplifying is that we end up missing some important steps. The only issue for most people is recognizing how to simplify according to their specific needs. I’m going to walk you through how to successfully simplify your skincare without messing with your skin’s healing.

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