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The benefits of Yin listening

These last few weeks have been so wonderfully busy that I found myself feeling intensely inspired to write again. As I sit down to word vomit out all of my thoughts, I discovered that today is the social media holiday that I will indulge in gladly; National Esthetician Day! I think we all know by now that this is the only career that I’ve had and that regardless of the years that have gone by, I’m still equally as obsessed with my work as ever. To celebrate this with a quick post on social media would not do justice to the people I want to continuously honor during my time as an esthetician. The clients, my fellow estis, my apprentices, and not to sound like a social media influencers, but my followers have all given me the platform to honor what I love to do every day and without this mix of beautiful people I somehow manifested into my life, who knows where I would be.

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Masculine and Feminine Energies

My themes of equilibrium continue this week as I discuss the ultra-complicated topic of the masculine and feminine. There are so many dualities in our lives that often times we tend to only acknowledge their complexities when we slip too far into one part of ourselves. On my Instagram live yesterday, I spoke about some of the common themes that kept recurring over the weekend - one of which was the balance of both masculine and feminine energy. Within the last week, I have come to recognize that I haven’t been tapping into my divine Virgo feminine energy as much as I probably need to in order to feel a balance in my whole self. Ever since I left my previous business partnership and have done a lot of work with Free + Native’s unblock workshops, I have noticed that my masculine energy has been at the forefront of my consciousness. My decisions, daily actions, movements, and overall appeal reflect my masculine Sagittarius energy so much that I felt so worn out throughout the month of April. A lot of my inner conflict with the balance of the two seem to explain why I have felt so inadequate when the ebb and flow of running a business came to an exhaustingly, slow month. I want to shed a little light on a proper explanation of these two energies and how they represent themselves on the skin. Using this guide can help you not only improve a potentially exhausted complexion but help you get to the root of a potential energetic imbalance.

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