Your intuition and your skincare

We all have an intuitive voice in our head that guides us through our everyday tasks. Whether we are choosing what to wear in the morning, what to eat for lunch or what you want to watch on netflix, those decisions come from a “feeling” within. Whether you are directed by this “feeling” or are mindlessly choosing the same things repeatedly, your intuition plays a big role in every aspect of your life. When choosing your skincare, the same intuitive process can make the world of a difference towards your skin’s health. Let me walk you through the process of letting your instincts pick your skincare and how it will benefit you.

If I had to categorize my clients into two groups I would say that one group has a quick instinct on what will works for them and the other group needs direction. Both are really fun for me to work with. I have made suggestions in the past to the individuals in the first group and if they have a feeling against it I completely honor that. Whether the smell isn’t right, or the texture doesn’t appeal to them, those signs are more important than you think. 

Natural skincare is built on a few basic principles and ingredients. Each product will have a variety of different oils to work with, whether they are essential oils or carrier oils. As you may know by now, oils can be the key to natural skincare success because of their purity, potency and ability to adapt to your skin. Essential oils in particular are also really informative to what we may be seeking as well. When you inhale a scent that is appealing to you that is a indicative sign that you are in need of that particular oils benefits. If you are not drawn to it or have an aversion to the scent it is because it will not be of service to you in your present state. These feelings often shift and are very normal. Having a small variety of products to work with with a different purpose can make a huge difference and you can let your sense of smell be your guide. 

The second group of people who haven’t tapped into that intuition yet like to follow my lead regardless of what they may be feeling. This is where I get excited to teach people that they can feel what is best for them based on their initial response of a product is. If you don’t love the experience of your skincare then it is probably not for you. At least not in that moment. Trust it and try something else. 

So how do you know? There are a few ways to tap into your intuition when it comes to your skincare. Using your senses will be very important, particularly your feel and scent. There are other huge indicators such as negative sensations such as burning, itching, or just a plain reaction to an ingredient or blend. My suggestion would be to sample your skincare first. When shopping at a store ask for a sample or try to experience the tester in that moment. A sample can go a long way as you can patch test the product for a couple of times. This will be an immediate indication of how your skin will tolerate the product. If it won’t tolerate the product you will know right away so it’s best to test along the side of your jaw. 

Your skincare routine is meant to be a meditative self care practice. If you don’t enjoy your routine or feel yourself not looking forward to it, use that instinct to mix things up. Perhaps you have never enjoyed your skincare to it’s maximum potential? In that case here is what I want you to do: Take a moment before you start your routine and take a nice long inhalation. Then release in a long sigh. Ground yourself for a moment so you can begin your self care practice. Having a “slow down” moment will bring your energy back to you so you can focus on your intentions while treating your skin. Use your mindfulness to repeat your intention with your skin as you start cleansing. Take your time while you do this, allow your breathing to oxygenate your cells so your skin can truly absorb all the love and positive thoughts you decide to share with yourself. I guarantee as you continue your routine you will start to truly connect with not only your skin but also yourself. As a result your skin will start to improve in whichever way you choose. Whether you want to calm down a breakout or simply revive a dulled skin, your thoughts and intention will deliver the message directly to your skin. 

Hayley WoodComment