All my wedding look details

After my last post I was asked a lot about the specifics of my wedding look. Here is how it came together. I started the day off with 5 minutes of dry brushing with my Pursoma jute dry brush. I put a timer on and slowly worked in an upward fashion, always moving towards my heart and focusing on areas that have cellulite or rough skin. I followed up with Pursoma’s earthbound body mask covering myself completely including my face in a light layer. I meditated as I let the mask absorb for 15 minutes. When I was done I washed off with a hot and cold shower to flush out any toxins. This is a great way to wake up and energize as it gets your lymphatic system moving wonderfully. I drank a ton of water before and after as well to keep me energized.

My skin routine was simple. After I washed off the clay mask, I gently cleansed with One Love Organics’ Easy Does it and followed up with lots of toner with a hydrating Healing Crystal Toner mist by PurpL Goat. I then applied a few drops of Uma’s brightening serum oil and one drop of Kahina Giving Beauty’s Argan oil. Easy and luscious! 

I did my own makeup as I always feel best when I do it myself. Some people definitely could benefit from a professional to get them ready for their day. However I have a background in doing makeup for weddings so I know what to expect and how to enhance my best features. 

I chose makeup I usually wear so I wouldn’t feel too out of sorts on the day;

A little under eye concealer with Kjaer Weis’ foundation in Like Porcelain. I apply with my finger tips and since it is a coconut oil base I only add a tiny bit. This evens any darkness around my eyes and helps prep my eyeshadows.

I then added a few colors for the Lily Lolo eye shadow palette “Laid Bare”. I layer with a base color and then smudge a darker shade right on my eye lid to create a smokey eye liner effect that is still soft. 

My go to cheek color is by W3ll People with their Universalist #9 and the bio brightening stick. I simply add a little streak of color and blend with my fingers and then use the highlighter right above. They blend really well together and surprisingly last most of the day. I went a little heavier to make sure it would pop in pictures and I felt it looked wonderfully natural.

Lips are fun because it’s the area I always get creative with. I mixed a few colors together starting with Rituel De Fille in “written in blood”, then Ilia’s lipstick crayon in “dress you up” and toped off with W3ll People’s lipgloss in “grapefruit”. The blends of reds, purple and light pink helped create a lasting look that was classic and winter wedding chic. 

I always finish with mascara and I have great long lashes but they unfortunately never stay curled. I figure if I finish with it, it may last for at least one picture. My favorite mascara for my sensitive eyes is Lili Lolo. It goes on beautifully and lasts all day. 

Other shout outs go to @OnceWed which is where I found my wedding dress. My photographer @Suitedphoto for capturing everything from our first look to our cake and champagne moments after our ceremony. My videographer @Kristine.Lo for her incredible eye for detail and knack for story telling. She was even one of my witnesses at the courthouse. @Etsy for having anything we needed from wedding rings to boutineeres. Supporting small businesses who use environmentally ethical sources was really important to us as well and Etsy made it easy to find and execute. And also @wholefoods for their great selection of fair trade, in season flowers that I used to create my bouquet. 

It’s possible to have a green beauty wedding with a low waste impact. We recycled or up cycled any plastics or glass used in our celebrations. Hope this inspires you to stay green and know you can still glow!

xo - Hayley