Q+A With Hayley

Q: Tell us about your path to holistic wellness, what brought you to this moment?

Hayley: My journey started when I was really young. I was consistently at home sick, needing to leave school for emergency doctor/hospital visits, throwing up at every birthday party or holiday outing and struggled with cystic acne starting at age 10. I became obsessed with figuring out what was wrong with me as it never seemed like other kids my age struggled as much as I did. That led me to esthetic school at 18 years old the summer after my freshman year of college and that's when the path to recovery really started to unfold. My interactions with everyone during this journey from my teachers, classmates, clients to other professionals all helped me start putting the pieces of my puzzle together. I've learned so much about everything from nutrition, herbalism, supplements, spirituality and obviously skincare throughout the last decade.  I constantly strive to stay as educated as possible so I can live my best life and provide some of my personal insight to help others.

Q:  Please describe what you do/what services you provide in the wellness community

Hayley: I provide a holistic insight in my skin care practice. I have been a practicing esthetician since 2006 and have slowly focused down to providing efficacious, green facials over the last year or so. I had moved to LA back in 2012 and hoped to find a great place to work which provided the same care/ethics that I believe is essential towards making a change with someone and their skin. I worked everywhere from small boutiques spas, corporate hotel spas, and plastic surgeons offices until I realized that I needed to create this place I was seeking so much. With the support of The Detox Market, the best green beauty store in LA, I manage my time between personally assisting people with their skin care regimen at the store and providing a safe and approachable space in my home for customized facials. I use organic or wild crafted products that are toxin free in addition to using a LED lights, high frequency, microdermabrasion, plant based peels, ultrasonic exfoliation and cold therapy. No treatment is the same. I truly feel like everyone needs to be catered for on an individual basis which has always created an immediate trust and calm for my clients. Each one of my clients calls me a skin coach because I'm here to listen and make them feel like we can get through their skin concerns together. A lot of what is going on can be internal, and that can be very vulnerable. I want to make sure each person feels supported and not alone.

Q: What are 3 things you cannot live without and why?

Hayley: My Iphone because I love to be in constant contact with my loved ones. Sending silly emojis and I love you's periodically throughout the day almost makes me smile. Luckily, I can still disconnect easily. My pout <3 BKR water bottle since I don't drink out of plastic and it's so adorable I am constantly reminded to drink water. Zinc based sunscreen, such as Josh Rosebrook's nutrient day cream or Suntegrity's daily facial SPF. Zinc is so healing to any inflammation and is a natural physical block against the sun. It's necessary for my pale complexion.

Q: How do you nourish yourself daily?

Hayley: My skincare routine. I am diligent about my routine because it makes me feel good, beautiful and forces me to slow down. It's good for my soul and I never skip it.

Q: What is your go-to favorite meal?

Hayley: Every morning I make a quick smoothie and salad so I'm at least set up for 2 meals of the day. Smoothie would be maca, protein powder, spinach or kale, blueberries, coconut milk and Moon Juice's spirit dust. Salad is a half cucumber, half avocado, mixed greens, whatever other produce I have doused in turmeric, himalayan pink salt, fresh cracked black pepper and olive oil. It take me about 10 minutes every morning and sets me up just right.

Q: What is your personal/professional philosophy?

Hayley: To say yes to myself and others. I know when to say no but I just started saying yes to myself. It's rare that I say no to a client, as I know it can take a lot to ask for help so I try to always be present for when someone needs it. Also, never be the smartest person in the room. I need to constantly learn and grow so I am open to it at all times.

Q: Where do you draw your inspiration for your life’s work?

Hayley: Every day conversations with different people. We all deal with struggle and you can never assume what someone is going through. Mothers to me are the most influential because I think of them as superhuman.

Q: How do you measure success? Success is helping others. If I can help someone realize their worth that is my measurement of success. How do you work to elevate women around you?

Hayley: I'm constantly complimenting people. Genuinely. I love telling someone that they have a beautiful smile or their energy is fantastic because hopefully it will help them spread that joy. It's infectious to be kind. Women need a lot of kindness and we deserve to honor each other.

Q: Closing wisdom or inspiring quote you would like to share?

Hayley: The background on my phone says "don't just be good to others. be good to yourself too." It's simple but we all need a reminder. I throw compliments out and promote self care all day long like it's nothing. The truth is it's easy to get into a routine where we give and give and give but always give to yourself too. That is when the most magical moments happen.

Q: What’s on the horizon for you, how can we connect with you? 

Hayley: Coming soon I will be launching my website. It will be a great way for me to connect with people on an individual basis. Whether they want to book a session with me in my home skin care practice, connect on how to obtain their skincare goals or just read about my insights on everyday topics, this website will be the embodiment of all of that.  I will make an announcement about the launch on my instagram @therapeuticskincoach. This will be the next step towards connecting with all the holistic honeys out there just looking for a little therapeutic skin coaching.