Thank you so much for your interest in a Therapeutic Skin Coach facial. After your facial it’s common for your skin to feel completely different than what you may have gotten used to. Here are some common questions on what to expect. If you have any additional questions just let me know. 

What is normal to experience post treatment?

How do you define normal right? Well it’s common to feel a range of sensations after your facial. Whether it’s tingles, warmth or even just a different breathability to your skin - that’s all okay. Just be sure to communicate anything that may feel off as soon as possible via email. 

What can you do to recover faster?

Lots of water, rest and avoid any excess heat. Keep your skincare super simple as well since your skin has already basically gone through a boot camp. 

What to do tonight?

First thing you want to remember is to change your pillowcase and face towel at home. If you use the same one as the night before your fresh skin will absorb last night’s sweat and build up. Allow yourself to rest as well. If you can sneak in a little dry brushing followed by an epsom salt bath topped with a whole body cold flush that’s great. Try to avoid makeup so you don’t have to touch your skin until the next morning. 

What to eat?

An immunity boosting skin food based meal would be ideal. Add some greens to your next few meals and lots of electrolytes to balance your system and support lymphatic movement. No greasy foods or anything huge in sugar or salt. 

Can you go out tonight?

Preferably not since you don’t want to expose your skin to too many different environments. If it’s not an option make sure to do a gentle cleanse when you get home followed by cooling mist and nourishing moisture. Lots of water will also help! Alcohol will not be your best friend post treatment so be sure to skip a few nights right after your facial. It might be boring but your skin will thank you!

Can you workout?

Try not to so your skin can calm down a bit. If you really want to get something in consider some low intensity, restorative movement instead. Otherwise use your workout hour to meditate or take a bath instead. 

Will the redness go down? 

Of course, it certainly will if you follow the above steps. If you notice it taking more than 3-5 days to calm down please reach out. I will walk you through how to shift gears based on your skin. 

When can I rebook?

Depending on your skin condition between 4 - 6 weeks is ideal. Pre-booking will guarantee you the time you want but you can also sign up for my newsletter for weekly updates on last minute appointments. See you in a few weeks!