General FAQs:

What is your refund policy?

There are no refunds on any facials, programs, audio downloads, or consultation at this time. If you need to reschedule your appointment you can do so in your appointment confirmation email under the "reschedule" option. If you need to cancel a facial, you will be credited for your next appointment. Everything else is final sale. 

Where are you located?

Since Hayley works from her home in Beachwood Canyon, her address will only be sent once a facial is confirmed.

Is a facial right for me or the online skin series?

If you do not reside in Los Angeles, the online skin series are ideal for you because they were created to help support you on your skin journey regardless of location. If you are in Los Angeles, you can book with any Therapeutic Skin Coach or start your intuitive skincare education through the online skin series. 

Do you offer discounts?

There are no discounts available on facial services however the online courses do go on sale periodically. Make sure to sign up for the TSC newsletter to discover when the sales are going on. If you are an individual in need of financial assistance, please email to discuss your case so we can come up with a payment plan or cash discount.

Skin coach FAQs:

I'm a new esthetician and would love support, how can I connect with Hayley?

There are many ways to receive support from Hayley and the Therapeutic Skin Coach team. You can sign up for the Skin Coaches newsletter, book an online consultation, and read the Skin Coach blog here

Which classes should I be taking as a new esthetician?

Hayley recommends the following courses:

Gua Sha and/or Thai Poultice by Beauty Secrets, facial reflexology by Multireflex, Cosmetic Chemistry at UCLA, and Dr. Vodder manual lymphatic drainage massage.

I'm looking to branch out on my own but would love business advice, how can I start?

Hayley can help you map out specific steps for your overall goals otherwise check out this post in the Skin Coaches blog. 

I'd love to access the online series but am not sure if it's for estheticians or not?

All of the current online series were created for clients and other individuals looking for support in their home care use however there is tons of great information to review to help you support your clients as well.

Is a TSC certification available?

We are looking into creating a certification for in-person and/or online training for those looking to become Therapeutic Skin Coaches. This will only be available to the individuals who currently hold an esthetician license or certification. 

Where can I access the esthetician blog?

You can access the online blog here once you sign up for the newsletter and submitted your license or certification information since this is exclusive content for estheticians. 

I'm deciding to become an esthetician, can I access the esthetician newsletter and blog?

Start by reading this blog on Hayley's journey towards becoming an esthetician. You can also sign up for the blog/newsletter here and sign up for a consultation with Hayley here

What does an esthetician consultation consist of?

Each call is catered to the individual but we review the following questions to help us establish a background. Once we review the goals and background information, we can talk and outline a plan of action for you to feel supported in your skin coaching journey!

- How long have you been an esthetician and some of your background?

- What education you've had?

- Where would you like to be in your esthetic career?

- Any roadblocks that are coming up for you?

- Any specifics you'd like for me to address too


What is normal to experience post treatment?

How do you define normal right? Well it’s common to feel a range of sensations after your facial. Whether it’s tingles, warmth or even just a different breathability to your skin - that’s all okay. Just be sure to communicate anything that may feel off as soon as possible via email. 

What can you do to recover faster?

Lots of water, rest and avoid any excess heat. Keep your skincare super simple as well since your skin has already basically gone through a boot camp. 

What to do tonight?

First thing you want to remember is to change your pillowcase and face towel at home. If you use the same one as the night before your fresh skin will absorb last night’s sweat and build up. Allow yourself to rest as well. If you can sneak in a little dry brushing followed by an epsom salt bath topped with a whole body cold flush that’s great. Try to avoid makeup so you don’t have to touch your skin until the next morning. 

What to eat?

An immunity boosting skin food based meal would be ideal. Add some greens to your next few meals and lots of electrolytes to balance your system and support lymphatic movement. No greasy foods or anything huge in sugar or salt. 

Can you go out tonight?

Preferably not since you don’t want to expose your skin to too many different environments. If it’s not an option make sure to do a gentle cleanse when you get home followed by cooling mist and nourishing moisture. Lots of water will also help! Alcohol will not be your best friend post treatment so be sure to skip a few nights right after your facial. It might be boring but your skin will thank you!

Can you workout?

Try not to so your skin can calm down a bit. If you really want to get something in consider some low intensity, restorative movement instead. Otherwise use your workout hour to meditate or take a bath instead. 

Will the redness go down? 

Of course, it certainly will if you follow the above steps. If you notice it taking more than 3-5 days to calm down please reach out. I will walk you through how to shift gears based on your skin. 

When can I rebook?

Depending on your skin condition between 4 - 6 weeks is ideal. Pre-booking will guarantee you the time you want but you can also sign up for my newsletter for weekly updates on last minute appointments. See you in a few weeks!

Online Series FAQs:

I purchased the series with a receipt, how do I access?

A downloadable link with hyperlinked access pages and passwords will be sent to your email. Please download and save before the link expires in 24 hours. If you do not immediately see an email confirming your purchase, please check your junk/spam folders. Email for other questions.

Which series is best for me?

If you have been struggling with a chronic skin condition, are starting your skin health journey, or are interested in finding the root of your skin issues we suggest the skin health 101 skin series. If you are interested in elevating your skincare practices or learning tutorials on how to cleanse, massage, or use tools in your regimen, we suggest the rituals skin series.

Do the series include a facial or consultation with Hayley?

The series do not include a facial or consultation however maybe have found that pairing the two options has helped their skin tremendously.

Do I need to buy anything else with the online series?

The online series are extensive in their resources and provide a lot of information on how to elevate your home care. Nothing is required to purchase in addition but there are plenty of suggestions if anything calls to you. 

Do the series come with tools?

Both online series do not come with tools or any other product. 

I'm an esthetician and want to learn the tools, will the series certify me?

No, the series are for individual and self-care use only. The series contain great information on how to teach your clients how to use specific techniques though. 

Can I gift this series as a gift?

Yes, please email to gift a skin series course. 

How long will the online series take?

You can take each skin series course at your own pace. The intuitive skin health is 8 posts with downloadable journal prompts, 7 videos that are 2-5 minutes in length, and about 7-10 minutes of reading on each step. The rituals series is 5 pages with downloadable journal prompts, 6+ videos that are 5-10 minutes in length, and about 5-7 minutes of reading on each step.

Do the series expire? 

No, once you purchase the course you can access them whenever you want without expiring. Just be sure to download the PDF with access information within 24 hours. It is emailed to you promptly after purchasing. We trust in your integrity to not share or copy in the information as we track IP addresses. 

If you have additional questions feel free to email