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Year of Yin check in...

Some of you may remember that I proclaimed 2019 to be my year of Yin. A year that I would surrender more, go with the flow, not over-criticize or control, and just aspire to tap into my intuitive voice a little more deeply. Since we are already in June (how did that happen???) I felt like it was appropriate for me to do a little self-reflecting check-in and share what’s been going on and what I’ve learned so far. It dawned on me during the last week of May that everything I sought out to do in 2019, I have already accomplished so far. To have my years worth of to-dos already crossed off doing really resonate with the intention I set up for myself to just take it easy but there is a beauty about the space that I’m in now. I’ve taken classes, traveled, created more content, upgraded my offerings, did some events, and still managed to Marie Kondo at least a few rooms in my apartment. Now that the rest of the year is a bit of a blank slate, I really want to allow what I created and expanded to within the first 6 months to have some time to sink in. Especially the advanced education I invested in. Which leads me to a valuable item of discovery that I want to share with all of you today….

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