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How holistic work fits in a modern world

As an esthetician in LA who has built a business on the premise that I am holistic, I feel like I’m in constantly swimming upstream with the general public about how to treat the skin. So much so that I find myself continuously navigating how holistic work fits in a modern world. From rescheduling clients because of their botox appointments to desperately trying to convince another one that micro-needling will not fix their skin's barrier. It had become inevitable that I would have to find a common ground amongst the sea of modern skincare with the reckless promise of "quick fix" but something happened to me that changed my compliance to this exhausting back and forth. My agreeable filter disappeared and I decided to be honest about the truth behind it all.

Okay, now I’m about to make a bold statement but it’s the truth…are you ready????:

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Acne without the stigma.

If you know me, you know I love movies. I especially love this time of year when all of the year’s best movies are recognized and the industry that rules the city I live in gets to showcase its most impressive talents. Each aspect of the movie-making process is honored, including the makeup department which is often overlooked as a vital part of the process unless the film includes impressive prosthetics. The film that really got me to notice their makeup departments artistic choices was Lady Bird.

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