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My week in review...

I feel like I’ve had a total reset over the last week. Over the last decade-plus, I have faced a lot of the same issues that I feel like I was able to overcome three major ones last week alone. First, there is such a lack of support and resources out in the esthetician world, especially for those of us who are seeking to break the mold and provide more integrated care. All of the new education that I’ve been getting certified in has just reignited my creativity and confidence in supporting my client’s health journeys. Second, I’ve gained my confidence again for events and public speaking. And lastly, I put myself first when my health took an unexpected plunge. Here’s my week in review.

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Inside the TSC online skin series

Whenever I find myself in a predicament there are a few things that happen. I get upset, I feel helpless, and then I get to work. Today, I'm going to go through the roadblock that motivated me to create the TSC program. I'm also going to walk you through exactly the who, what, when, where, and why of this program so you can feel supported while you achieve your best skin and your best self. This program helps turn your skincare into your self-care plus so much more.

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