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Bonding with your breakouts

First, whenever I personally experience any type of skin imbalance I do have the mindfulness that it’s not the end of the world. I’ve spent years hating myself, my body, and every other circumstantial thing that may have caused my skin to flare. What I didn’t do was realize that of course, I’m going to break out if I neglect my health in any way. Now I can determine some of the markers that will lead to a breakout before it happens so I have the means to support myself or redirect my focus so that my skin stays calm.

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Physical and emotional scars

A common topic that has been brought up to me over the last few weeks has been scarring. Whether it’s a physical scar or just the emotional aftermath of a bad breakout, this topic is very difficult for anyone who has suffered from an inflammatory skin condition. Remember when we thought scars were cool when the rugged bad boys from the movies would proudly wear one? Scars have a bit of a backstory and most of them can be worn as a badge of honor. That is unless they are a painful reminder of a previous breakout or other skin imbalance. So many clients are concerned about potential scarring from their previous acne that they would literally do anything to make it go away. For the client whose main concern is scarring and I tend to ease their mind by reminding them that not all scars are created equal and with the right homework they will turnover their cells enough to smooth out their skin. In order to to do there are a few questions to be taken into consideration first:

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