Going Makeup Free

During my consultations I ask many health related questions in order to determine what may be the underlining issues of my client’s skin. The most important question I ask however is always: “What is your ultimate goal with your skin?”. The reason this is the most valuable question is because at the end of the day you are the person who lives with your skin and your goals are important for me to know so I can help get you to where you want to be. The most common goal that my clients confess to me is that they want to be makeup free. This is a common goal because makeup free means no flaws right? Wrong, makeup free is actually about confidence and embracing yourself just the way you are.

Some of you may know that I started my love of skincare with an immense passion for makeup. When I was younger I never went a day without a full face of makeup. I loved everything about it - I loved the artistry, the ability to conceal imperfections and how it could enhance whichever features I chose. My friends would always ask me to do their makeup and so I thought I would do really well if I decided to be a full time makeup artist. Going to esthetic school was a way to get my foot in the door. I started doing professional jobs while still in school, including photo shoots, weddings and fashion shows. It was so exciting and a total dream come true. During my first job as an esthetician I had the pleasure of doing makeup every weekend for proms, weddings, and other social events. 

I also got a chance to do makeup lessons and this is where I got a huge lesson on how makeup can be a huge trigger for some. Makeup can be a form of covering up but it also led me to uncovering major insecurities, often as severe as body dysmorphia. This is when I started to back away from the makeup chair and started doing major work in the facial room. People were hoping to cover themselves up or even just change who they were. It made me sad that people didn’t see their individuality and embrace the parts of them that made them different. I truly understood the importance of my work in these beginning moments of my career. My job was to help people identify their self worth and not just teach them how to cover up. Clearing acne, calming rosacea, softening wrinkles would have to be my way to showing people how beautiful they really are. 

shameless makeup free selfies!

shameless makeup free selfies!

Going makeup free wasn’t much of a choice for me. My skin breaks out with most makeup out there or it gets irritated. This seems to be a huge point of interest for people who see my bare face on a daily basis. The truth is, during major events I will put on 4 things: Mascara, blush, lipstick and highlighter. This isn’t a choice, this is just all I can tolerate. So before you think that I am trying to influence you in any way with my makeup choices, I really am not. I’m just following what my skin is desiring. 

Most conventional makeup have many ingredients that can create irritation overtime. Whether it be a mineral that is too intense for the skin and creates micro fissures. It can also be the silicone base that creates a false perfected finish, this doesn’t allow your skin to breathe and that lack of oxygen can be detrimental to your cells. That is where natural makeup comes in! Many natural brands are exceptional at providing a beautiful match to your skin and will work to keeping your skin nourished during the day. The only problem is that the ingredients that create long lasting wear are also the ingredients that are omitted from natural makeup since those are the most harmful. Some of the best brands out there are definitely aware that they will not last all day so they make it easy to reapply and layer according to your needs. Some of my favorites are :

Sappho - Developed by the makeup artist on “The L Word”, this line is stunning in it’s ingredients and it’s wear. 

Alima Pure - I love the simplicity of this brand because they have very minimal ingredients which makes it safe for even the most sensitive of skin. The wear is breathable but the coverage is even and full. 

W3ll People - I’ve loved this company for many years as their main studio is based out of Austin. The formulas in this line are so refreshing yet the colors are luscious and vibrant! Plus they developed my all time favorite mascara that doesn’t irritate my eyes. 

The most important thing to remember is that if you are looking to cover yourself up you will start to not recognize the beauty in your fresh face. I embrace myself as I am, tired eyes and all. I believe that most skin issues stem from a lack of love and care, but if you are willing to take the time to put on a full face in the morning you have the ability to repeat the following mantras: “I am beautiful as is.” “I love myself, I respect myself, I am beneath no one.” and “ Progress NOT Perfection.” Embrace your whole self and great skin will follow!

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