WelcomE to the First official Therapeutic Online Series;

Skin Health 101



finally fall in love with your skin

I am honored to present this series on skin health basics to all of you who are looking for support and answers when it comes to your skin concerns. The education behind skin health is a little messy because we have been conditioned to think that skin imbalances can be solved with lots of expensive products and harsh procedures. This way of treating the skin is not in alignment with what the skin really has a capability to do which is self-heal. 

Over the last several years of my practice, I found myself writing pages upon pages of information to help direct and support my clients in between their facials with me. But the truth is that a lot of this information are part of your own intuitive practices that may have been shut off or underutilized as a result of our current culture of labeling skin as bad for any of it's normal transitions. 

My hope is that you will learn a lot more about yourself along this journey. This whole practice is rooted in self-love, self-acceptance, and self-care. 

There are few ways to purchase this plan which includes:

3 month access for $175*

3 week access for $95

 3 week access with a 45 minute consult Skype with Hayley for $250.

With this video series, I will walk you through the consultation steps that I go over with each new client.


This includes...



  • Intention setting for your skin
  • Skincare Rituals
  • Discovering how your ancestry attributes to your skin
  • Supporting your atmosphere for optimal skin health
  • Stress Management Techniques for full mind, body, spirit support
  • Immunity and Nourishment
  • Rest and Movement
  • Self Check-in



Each part of this 7 video series will support you as you discover how to have your best skin through being your best self. It takes 21 days to build a habit however it takes *90 days in order to  experience 3 regenerative cycles for your skin to acclimate to your new mindful practices. If you're looking for a more long term approach to this program, I recommend purchasing the 90 day plan with consultation in order for me to provide you with a custom recommendations. 

This isn't a quick fix, this isn't a shameful race to achieve "perfect" skin - this program is developed through my years of experience with holistic practices that give you life long tools for your skin. These practices will be practical as you continue to evolve in your mind, body, and spirit. 

You will be prompted with daily emails with worksheets to help you keep notes on your progress. Each step will include product recommendations, resources that range from affordable to completely free, and also a downloadable skincare mediation for your daily cleansing. 

This program is for ALL PEOPLE who looking to create a healthy, sustainable base to their skin health. Regardless of where you are at with your skin journey, you can start here to elevate, evolve, or transform your skin. 

More programs will be releasing soon to address the following:

  • Teenage skin
  • Male skin
  • Pregnancy skin
  • Skincare rituals tutorial (coming July 2018)
  • Specific care for different ethnicities including multiracial

10% of profits will be donated to Alzheimer's Association to honor my grandmother Roy who passed away on April, 10th 2018 after a 15-year battle with this terrible disease.