TSC Cleansing Meditation

TSC Cleansing Meditation


Take the opportunity to turn your skincare into a self-care ritual. This practice can help you tune into your breath, your stress management, it can feel meditative, and also release some tension.

I take the time to focus on everything that I love about my skin first. This helps you to see that your skin has different ecosystems which are not all created equal. Perhaps only a small section of your skin is what you are displeased with so shift your attention towards what is working. 

You will find a skin loving meditation recording below to help start this practice for you. Simply listen to this audio while you are cleansing your skin to help you get into the right mindset for best skincare practices. 

*The meditation might be quiet on certain devices so feel free to adjust your volume as needed

That simple mindset shift can open up your belief that you are deserving of great skin. The more we realize that our skin is just a unique map of our physical and emotional health, the more we can start to appreciate it for all it does.


Find what you like about your skin and compliment yourself

Take your time massaging your skin to discover all the communication your skin is giving you through touch

Breathe and start to relax as you give yourself a self-loving mantra such as "I deserve great skin", "I will shine bright", "My skin is a reflection of my body's love for me"

Thank your skin for how hard it is working for you everyday

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