Why I'm not 100% holistic

I admit that when I get labeled as a “holistic” esthetician I find myself feeling a tad misleading. It could be the millennial in me not wanting to fall into the confines of a label but it’s also because I’m not 100% holistic. Before you get upset or feel as though I’ve mislead you in any way, I wanted to take the time today to explain how even though I may quickly label myself as that or not correct someone immediately once I’m described as such, I don’t consider myself solely a holistic esthetician. If you’ve ever read the “about me” section of my website you’ll recognize that I started calling myself a “therapeutic skin coach” when the term facialist never really seemed to fit my description as an esthetician. Sure, I’m a California licensed esthetician but I’m also trained in holistic esthetics, medical esthetics and many other types of skin therapies. Having worked and been licensed in a few different states has allowed me to expand my skill set with different teachings including as an esthetic instructor, meaning I taught other estheticians the trade at a school. So I’d like to take the time today to explain how I’ve come to the conclusion that I may not want to just be labelled after all.

I think balance is essential to living your best life as well discovering the type of care that works best for you. Having the opportunity to learn so many different therapies and skin treatments really helps me see why there are so many options available in the first place. If my facials could heal everyone wouldn’t you think there is something crazy that I’m doing? The truth is that my success rate is high but there are so many factors to consider.

1 - If a person is willing to put in the work and take accountability for their health. I’ve talked about how easy it is to just give up and blame skincare (or me) for your skin not getting better. However we all know that if you put in the work and shift your mindset you can truly achieve anything. Sometimes our goals start to shift when we have these sort of epiphanies. Perhaps the goal shifts from having perfect skin to having healthy skin with a healthy sense of self worth. This can generally be achieved with holistic practices and help you determine the root of the issue as well as the mental and social factors that can be contributing to your condition. A full health analysis can shed a lot of information and usually get us to the root of what is causing your skin imbalance.

2 - What type of condition you are really dealing with plays a huge role as well. Many people tend to look into my services once they develop a condition or I’m their last resort after years of struggle and trying other therapies. I have solely used non-toxic skincare in my practice for years however I am not an esthetician without an outlet in her room. I love my tools! I have developed a practice in which I can pair different modalities to help enhance the efficacy of a natural product. Using my intuitive sense along with my years of training, I can customize a treatment that will start making changes in your skin right away. I find that if I can cater to all skin conditions with this type of skincare practice, whether being holistic matters to you or not. 

3 - The severity of said condition can also play a huge role. Though I appreciate the mind, body, soul approach to holistic healing, if you need medical assistance due to an irregular growth or massive bacterial or viral infection, it is my ethical duty to encourage you to seek the opinion of a doctor. There have been numerous times over the years that I have caught cancer scares in my clients who never would have sought the help of a western medicine doctor. I get it, I’m the exact same way in terms of my care. Perhaps it’s because of insurance or not finding the right doctor to suit your needs, but when it comes to the scary stuff I strongly suggest opening up your mind to the care options they provide. If you're still on the fence, consider looking into the Parsley Health program where you get the care of a doctor as well as holistic health professionals coaching you along the way. It's a win/win and affordable! I just joined this month so stay tuned for my review on their work, so far though I'm really happy with it. 

To wrap up, I guess what I’m trying to say is that I won’t want to just put a bandaid on you but I’ll also not shame you or withhold you from finding the true care that will work for you. I hope to guide and coach you through whatever process you feel safest with and will help you achieve the results you are looking for. If that means balancing my green beauty facials with a dermatologist visit, then so be it. My practice is designed to encourage you to find your best skin and best self. Thank you for reading and as always, if you have questions or comments please leave them below. xo - Hayley