I could write about skincare all day. It is a subject you all know by now that I’m an endless pit of knowledge on. Today however I have nothing to say on the matter because of the senseless acts of violence committed in Orlando this weekend. As an LGBTQ supporter and a believer in equal rights, I have been numbed by the pain this tragedy has inflicted on myself and the world. Whether it is a question of terrorism or a hate crime isn’t the point to me, the point is that hate is trying to take over the countless amounts of us who choose to let love win. In these times of confusing grief it can feel really easy to be angry, saddened and feel so many emotions that we feel uncomfortable with. Many of us will suppress this and go about our lives, many others will lend support in whichever way they can and some of us will just be confused as to what the next move should be. My heart was one of the confused hearts. That is until I watched a social media video on how we can let love win. Here is what happens when you let love win…

It is absolutely heartbreaking to think about the individuals who are grieving from the unexpected loss of a loved one, many of whom were barely adults. It brings me back to 2012 during the Sandy Hook shooting. I was devastated that gun control wasn’t immediately resolved after the lives of young children were taken. I get mad that many of the gunman in most of these attacks kill themselves because they don’t get the punishment they deserve. So what do we do with this pain? How do we help? In the words of Ryan Weiss, from wakingupwithryan.com, you must “Open your heart to let yourself feel the pain of the ones who suffering so they don’t have to feel by themselves.” That message resonated with me all day yesterday. I felt powerful in my ability to help through love instead of hate. This is the shift I needed to hear in order to feel like love can win. 

After every shooting there are always heroes who selflessly commit themselves to helping the victims of their community. These acts of terror will unfortunately not end today, especially since they didn’t end after the lives of children were taken in 1999, 2012 and every year in between until this past Saturday. What we can do is we can collectively come together and choose love over hate. The more we open ourselves to feel the grief and sadness the more we can take some of the pain away from others. It may not feel like much, and it may just feel like this will only be a temporary fix but letting love lead will be the only way out of this. Hate is an energetic killer that will serve no one. Letting our vibrations sync up to help rise those who have fallen in times of sorrow will help us get through another day. I hope that you can honor the lives lost over the Orlando shooting by allowing yourself to believe that we will win. Love will win. Love is love. Be proud of you and your gift to this earth and hug your loved ones extra tight. 

So to conclude, I felt this short video by John Oliver summed it up pretty well. I'm sending you love and I'm sending the victims' families love. Let's let love win this one, as we cannot accept the alternative.