Healthy talk with Tara

Great skin comes from great health habits. The education needed to maintain the best health habits comes from a lot of work. We are ever evolving beings so it is impossible to know exactly what to do for our health all the time. Letting go of the expectation that we “should” know how to have a “perfect” diet, skincare regimen, exercise routine etc. actually allows an openness to learn and be supported. As a service provider I often seek out the help of other service professionals to help me stay as educated as I need for my skincare practice. I am amazed at how much information is out there and how lucky we are to have people to help guide us to become our better selves. One of my favorite people to discuss health and wellness with is holistic health coach and nutritionist, Tara Curran.

Tara has several years of health coaching under her belt and has been a powerhouse in the wellness community. She is devoted to creating programs for anyone seeking a healthier life. Her approach is kind, attainable and successful. I spoke with her recently about some important topics I feel most people need guidance with. Here is my conversation with Tara:

Hayley- Tell us your background and why you became a holistic nutritionist?

Tara- I studied at the institute for integrative nutrition and am registered with the drugless practitioners of America. I became a holistic nutritionist for many reasons, I started to change my own eating and lifestyle habits and saw major results. I also had family members with illnesses that I wanted to help. It was also important for me to learn how to prevent illness through food and lifestyle choices.

H- Why would people benefit from a holistic nutrition counseling?

T- One of the first steps in working with me is to set goals for yourself, then through working together I help hold you accountable and teach you the tools to reach them. This is just one of many benefits that can happen when working together.

H- Do you feel like there is a connection between skin issues and your health and diet?

T- Yes. I actually had severe acne that started to clear when I changed my eating habits. I've also seen lots of improvements in clients skin when they start to implement healthier habits. Stress and a poor diet effect your digestive system which is the root of all issues inside and out. Toxins and other issues can begin to show on your skin if you do not take care of it.

H- What is your favorite power food for your skin?

T- Leafy greens! Its whats missing most in diets. Also Vitamin C rich foods.

H- What skin care product can you not live without?

T- Coconut oil! (check out our favorite conscious coconut!)

H- Do you feel supplements are important or should your nutrition cover all your vitamin intake?

T- Supplements can provide added benefits to your diet and certain supplements can help with deficiencies and/or hormonal issues in women. The one supplement I recommend most would be  a probiotic. (*We both love The Beauty Chef and Health Force!)

H- What is your advice for maintaining a healthy diet while traveling?

T- Depending on where you are going travel can be easy or hard. My number 1 tip would be to prepare and research. Look up what restaurants you will be close to, what the hotel offers and create a meal plan. See if there are any health food stores or supermarkets with healthy food options etc… Also pack easy to carry snacks like nuts, cut up veggies and hummus, oranges and bananas. I also like to bring coconut oil to add to tea or coffee (great for digestion which can go array when traveling) and small packets of green powder that I can add to water if I will be on a long flight.

H- Many people I know tend to skip a meal due to lack of time, can you explain why if this is bad for you and also helpful tips on how to avoid missing a meal?

T- Going without food for several hours can cause low blood sugar, moodiness, lack of energy and more. I know some days can be busier then others so I recommend keeping healthy snacks around and a water bottle to stay hydrated. Green juice or a smoothie can also be an easy fix if you have the means to grab one or prepare one in the morning to carry with you for later.

H- Any favorite snacks?

T- Hummus with peppers or avocado toast (YUM!)

H- What is your favorite way to keep active?

T-  Yoga and hiking.

H- How can we get started on a program with you?

T- Send me an email and I'd love to schedule a free 20 min consultation to get to know you and your goals!

instagram: @taracurran_